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Cucumber - 'Salad Bush'Cucumbers!
(Seasonal item - Available May to June

A panoply of cucumber plants awaits you seasonally at Swansons! And next to tomatoes, nothing else tastes quite as good as sliced cukes in your summer salad. Our Northwest region produces some of the best cucumbers during our warm summer months.

Cucumbers are a warm season vegetable and should only be set out when the ground is warm and the nighttime temperatures are above 50F. They need a soil rich in organic matter/compost and benefit from mulching after they get growing.

Cucumbers require a decent amount of growing space, using vertical structures such as trellises will make up for limited space in your garden. When plants are producing, harvest every couple of days to prevent cukes from getting overly large or yellow and to keep plants productive. The larger cucumbers grow, the more likely they are to loose their flavor or become bitter. Bitterness can also be casued by plant stress; poor soil, irregular watering or extreme temperatures.

Cucumbers for containers, garden plots, rambling or trellised and each with it's own personality:

  • Salad Bush crop Cukes for smaller spaces
  • Bush Cukes for pickling
  • Sweet and mild-flavored lemon cucumbers
  • Disease resistant Marketmores'
  • Crunchy burpless Orient Express
  • American selections award winners Sweet Success.

Try some of these varieties that deserve garden space, but are less well known:

• Satsuki Madori
We love this rare, hard to find variety for its tender skin and flavorful flesh which is never bitter.

• Armenian
Thin skins, crisp, sweet tasting flesh and few seeds make the Armenian a garden treasure. A well-traveled variety from Armenia to Italy over 600 years ago, and then on to our shores.

• Suyo Long
Narrow, long and curved fruit with dark green skin and firm, delicious flesh. Expect generous yields of nearly seedless, burpless fruit from this Chinese variety.

• White Sun
A Korean hybrid cuke featuring semi-white skin and spine. Expect generous amounts of crisp fleshed fruit that are delicious fresh or pickled

• Mid-East Prolific
Shaped like small cigars, the 5 to 7 inch long fruits have excellent flavor, thin skins and fine, textured flesh. Vines bear early and are productive. Our favorite!

The cucumbers listed above are easy-to-grow and do well in the Pacific Northwest.

For Cucumbers pleasure beyond the anticipation of eating these fruits (botanically related to melons) pause for a moment and imagine the cultures cultivating cucumber crops for over 3000 years.

From the East Indies to Egypt, to the Greeks and Romans and later into Asia, these excellent plants have graced civilizations fresh fruit, sauces, soups, pickles, salads, chutneys, liquors and fragrances for soaps and creams.

Swansons is pleased to seasonally offer the best selection of cucumbers for our area.

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