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Beautiful Blooming Bulbs

Swansons offers 3 varieties of autumn-blooming crocus which flower and multiply in both shade and part sun. Fall blooming crocus prefer some sunlight and will multiply over the years. These bulbs are primed to bloom in September and/or October, so choose several varieites and enjoy this colorful addition to your fall garden. (Fall-blooming bulbs are a seasonal item, generally available August through September.)

During the last bleak days of winter, nothing lifts the spirits more than cheery crocus blooms that herald the promise of spring. Plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, and more this fall for rewarding color next spring. (Spring-blooming bulbs are a seasonal item, generally available September through November.)

Swansons Nursery is THE place to find all your favorite bulbs. We have over 175 varieties of tulips and narcissus bulbs, plus hard-to-find bulbs like frittilaria, scilla, muscari, iris, and alliums. And when you just can't wait for spring another moment, we carry fragrant paperwhites and hyacinths that you can force indoors.

Learn more about Planting Mixed Bulbs in Containers.

The following bulbs should be planted as soon as possible after purchase since they are perishable:

Anemone BlandaAnemone blanda - will grow well in partial shade, their delicate daisy-like blooms in blue, pink, lilac, or white, nodding above blue-green foliage. Soak tubers overnight before planting.

Eranthis - is a perfect choice to plant in sun to part shade under and around deciduious trees and shrubs. Their silky yellow blooms 2 to 6 inches tall with deeply fringed foliage will delight the eye. Soak tubers overnight before planting.

Galanthus - or Snowdrops is another bulb that enjoys partial shade. Plant bulbs 3 to 4 inches apart in clusters. We carry four varieties of this sign of early spring. (The entire genus is protected by CITES; we carry only nursery propagated stock.)

Alliums - Swansons features over 14 varieties of this sun-loving, easy-to-grow bulb. A showy addition to any garden, alliums range in color from whites, yellows, pinks to blues, lilacs, and deep maroon. Growing from 8 to more than 40 inches tall, they are suitable for containers as well as borders and beds. Almost all make excellent cut flowers. What’s not to love?

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