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Container Gardening Basics

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Gardening in containers has become increasingly popular, especially for apartment and condo dwellers with limited access to a plot in the ground. Planting in decorative containers allows anyone to have a beautiful garden, no matter how small the available space. The guidelines for container gardening are very similar to gardening in the ground. However, container gardening can even more simple in various ways.

Some of the basics to help you get started are listed below. Or download more detailed instructions so you can learn more.

CONTAINER SELECTION: Almost any container will work: terra cotta, glazed or plastic pots, wine barrels, cedar boxes, or even a metal bucket! The container needs to hold enough soil for the plants you want, and it must have drainage holes for excess water to drain.

PLANT SELECTION: Almost anything can be grown in a container: trees, shrubs, vines, bamboo, perennials, ferns, grasses, bulbs, tomatoes, you name it. Consider height, color, and texture when you combine plants. Learn More.

LIGHT: Choose plants that are suitable for the amount of sunlight your containers will receive. Sun-loving plants won't do well in a shady area, and vice versa.

SOIL: Use a high quality potting soil that is especially formulated for containers. Garden soil shouldn't be used in containers because it may contain bacteria or insects.

WATERING: Watering needs will vary according to requirements of individual plants, pot size, and weather. Before adding more water, use your finger to feel the soil one inch below the surface. If it's dry at that depth, it's time to water.

FERTILIZING: Use a high-quality organic fertilize during the growing season. Swansons can recommend the type of fertilizer that's best for your plants.

REPOTTING: Most container plants benefit from repotting every few years.

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