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Trees For Salmon

Purchase a living Christmas tree from Swansons this holiday season and help restore salmon habitat in Seattle. How can buying a living Christmas tree help? Swansons has partnered with local organizations to help reforest neighborhood parks. Conifer trees and other native vegetation benefit salmon streams by reducing surface water runoff, lowering water temperature, and providing food and habitat for other beneficial critters.

Here are 4 ways you can contribute:

Swansons Nursery provides native plants for salmon restoration in Seattle Parks

1. Purchase an evergreen tree labeled “This is a Living Christmas Tree" and plant it in your yard after the holidays. In return, Swansons will donate a native plant to be planted at a restoration site by volunteers.

2. Purchase an evergeen tree at Swansons labeled “You Can Donate This Tree." Enjoy your living tree for Christmas, then return your tree to Swansons after the holidays and it will be added to the restoration effort. Pick up a Living Christmas Tree Care handout at Swansons to ensure your tree remains healthy enough to plant.

3. Purchase a $5.00 “Sammy" medallion at the cashier and Swansons will contribute one native plant to the restoration effort. Hang the “Sammy" medallion on your Christmas tree or gift it to someone special.

4. VOLUNTEER on January 19, 2013! Join Swansons staff and neighborhood volunteers and help plant your contributions. Begin the new year by lending a hand and help install donated plants at a nearby park. See details below.

Our Trees for Salmon campaign has been a great success. Starting in 1999, Swansons first teamed up with the Carkeek Park Environmental Education Center during the Christmas season to support their ongoing efforts to bring healthy salmon habitat back to Pipers Creek, our neighborhood watershed. In 2010, Swansons Nursery teamed up with The Green Seattle Partnership to help reach the goal of restoring 2500 acres of forested parkland by 2025. In 2011, we expanded our participation to also help King County Parks with their restoration efforts. In 2012, we expanded the program again by partnering with the SW Queen Anne Greenbelt.

Since 1999, Swansons has annually donated countless trees and shrubs to local area parks. In 2011, we donated as many as 275 plants. You can help too! Donate a plant and/or consider signing up for a planting party in January and make a difference in the neighborhood.

Currently there are three opportunities to help Swansons and Green Seattle Partnership volunteers plant a healthy forest for salmon:

    January 12: SW Queen Anne Greenbelt
    January 19: Carkeek Park
    January 26: North Beach

More info and registration for these events with the Green Seattle Partnership:

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