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Prevent Pests and Protect Your Plants
with Dormant Sprays
All Seasons Spray Oil

If you have had problems in the past with bugs and diseases attacking your deciduous trees, shrubs and roses, apply a dormant spray during the winter months and help prevent future damage.

Dormant sprays are used when the plant is dormant - after all the leaves have fallen off and before the new leaves appear. When spraying fruit trees, avoid spraying when the blossom petals are present. Spraying when the blossom petals are present can damage the blossom, and thus removing the fruit.

At Swansons you’ll find an all natural line of dormant spray and a fine grade parafin-based All Seasons Spray Oil by Bonide, Lime Sulfur by Hi-Yield plus a traditional Copper spray for disease control.

  • For Roses use Lime Sulfur and oil as a combination spray
  • For Fruit Trees with Seeds use Lime Sulfur and oil combination
  • For Fruit Trees with Pits use Liquid Copper and oil spray
  • For Deciduous Shrubs use Liquid Copper spray
  • For Deciduous Flowering Trees use Liquid Copper spray

Liquid Copper FungicideThe Lime-Sulfur and Copper are fungicides that aid in the prevention of blight, fungus, and diseases. The oil provides a suffocating film that kills insects that are overwintering as adults, as well as their eggs, and prevents new insects from taking up residency. Apply either product to the effected tree or shrub on a dry day when temperatures are above freezing. Try not to apply the dormant sprays on windy days. These are general recommendations. You will want to read the product label for specific application use. For a complete fruit tree spray schedule, visit us today.

Prevent Problems Now

Prevent disease and insect damage to your fruit trees, roses, and other deciduous trees and shrubs by using dormant sprays like the Pharm products we carry and recommend.

Stop by Swansons to learn which disease control is appropriate for specific plants. Our experienced staff can help you select the right spray or treatment for your project.


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