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Gardner & Bloome Soils and Conditioners
Gardner and Bloome is a family owned business started in 1925. They have over 80 years experience in creating the highest grade potting soils, composts and mulches for use in and around the home. Gardner and Bloome uses the latest technologies when creating their products. The addition of mycorrhizae and beneficial soil microbes better insure that our customers have the greatest success when gardening. Swanson's Nursery is very proud to be in partnership with Gardener and Bloome and we are confident that your experience when using their products will be an enjoyable one!
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Below you will find descriptions of our Gardner and Bloome products.

Gardner and Bloome Potting SoilPotting Soil: Contains all-organic long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, peat moss, worm castings, real topsoil and kelp meal.
Perfectly balanced with essential plant nutrients and special water-saving formula features to provide
excellent plant health and growth.
Suitable for:
Indoor/outdoor potting
Mixing with existing garden soil
Raised bed application
Available Sizes: 2.0 CF



Gardner and Bloome Harvest SupremeHarvest Supreme: An excellent fortified natural soil amendment for all vegetable and flower gardens. Contains all-organic, long- lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano and kelp meal. Helps break up clay soils and improves drainage.
Formulated to provide abundant plant nutrients, improve physical soil structure and help balance pH when mixed with existing garden soil.
Suitable for:
Top dressing
Heavy feeding vegetables
Available Sizes: 2.0 CF



Gardner and Bloome Farmyard BlendFarmyard Blend: An all-purpose manure-based compost for any outdoor gardening project where a rich, high-yielding soil is desired. Provides abundant plant nutrients and helps improve physical soil structure. Contains thoroughly composed dairy, steer, chicken and poultry farm manures blended with forest humus and rice hulls to enhance longevity and soil texture.
Primary Uses:
To elevate soil fertility at time of planting.
Soil amending
Side dressing for "heavy feeder" plants.
Top-dressing for lawn seed.
Available Sizes: 1.5 CF



Gardner and Bloome Soil Building Compost

Soil Building Compost
A premium, all-purpose natural planting and garden soil amendment. Contains all-organic, long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano and kelp meal.
Helps break up clay soils, improves drainage, promotes healthy root growth and adds valuable micro-nutrients to the soil.
Suitable for:
Seed top-dressing for new or existing lawns
Bare-root planting
3 CF Compressed Bale


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