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History of Swansons Nursery...


Swansons has been growing Greater Seattle Gardeners for nearly 90 years!

The history of "Swanson’s Land of Flowers" began in 1888 when Swedish immigrant August S. Swanson and his wife, Selma, established a small flower shop in St. Paul, MN. It wasn’t long until they bought land near the city and built a greenhouse. The business prospered, but the winters were long and cold.

The couple moved their young family to Pasadena, CA just in time for one of southern California’s coldest winters on record, then decided, in 1922, to come to Seattle. They bought land “away out in the country” along a dirt road called 15th Avenue Northwest, built a comfortable home, and started the cultivation that eventuated into the new Swanson’s Land of Flowers, opening in 1924.

Swansons Nursery field grown cut flowers According to a 1958 newspaper article, "The know-how and the care exercised by the Swansons also built a reputation for quality and honest dealing that is second to none." Time passed and the expanding city and its Crown Hill neighborhood encompassed the location. More ground was broken and more greenhouses were constructed.

August and Selma’s son, Ted, who literally grew up in the business, succeeded to the management. He and his wife, Frances, continued to expand the operations, and do a substantial wholesale business in addition to their retail trade. In the process, they raised three children (and numerous pets) on the site and provided seasonal jobs for a long line of neighbors, interns and exchange students from Sweden, Denmark and many other places.

In 1976, Wally Kerwin purchased the nursery from the Swanson family. Under Wally’s guidance, our staff has worked to bring and keep Swansons up–to–date, gradually converting former growing areas to retail space. In the early 1990s, we added the popular Festivities (now Seasons Cafe & Bakery) and specialty gift shop. In 1994, we re–graded the lower half of the Swansons property to create an easy-to-shop nursery and garden center.
Swansons Nursery new construction
In 2001, we began building a series of European–design greenhouses to make Swansons what it is today — more modern, covered, and energy-efficient, but still steeped in personality and neighborhood friendliness. Add to that our gardening expertise and, well, "quality and honest dealing that is second to none" — Swansons is a truly unique nursery shopping experience.

We look forward to your visit!

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