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Our Information Desk staff is on duty every day! If we can’t answer your question directly, we’ll do our best to help you find the answer. Please note that any Swansons staff member on the floor can assist you when the Desk is busy.

You can call or email questions to free, local garden information sources such as Seattle Tilth’s Garden Hotline, King County Master Gardener's and the University of Washington Botanic Gardens’ Plant Answer Line.

Consider a consultation with a professional landscape designer or garden coach to visit your site and help you set a plan of action. Many offer a 1- or 2-hour visit which can answer a lot of your basic questions, for a relatively low fee. We have references for those services.

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Are you new to any type of gardening, or just new to gardening in the Northwest?
These books and websites are helpful in general, but especially for explaining the specifics of our Western Washington climate and growing conditions...


Maritime Gardening Guide - compiled by Seattle Tilth, a "must have" resource for Northwest gardeners with a month by month planting guide with recommendations on varieties that do well locally.
Territorial Seed Company's Catalogue - A Northwest favorite, full of great information as well goodies to purchase.

Sunset’s Western Garden Book - the holy writ of western gardening.

Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades - by Steve Solomon, founder of Territorial Seed Company.
Timber Press Guide to Gardening in the Pacific Northwest


King County/WSU Extension
University of Washington Botanic Gardens
Great Plant Picks
Garden blogs such as Valerie Easton’s “Plant Talk”
Our very own SwansonsNursery.com, of course!