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Unique and popular varieties of evergreens, fruit trees and ornamental flowering trees. Swansons has a superb selection of evergreen and non-evergreen flowering vines including a large selection of Clematis. Our selection represents the best in trees, shrubs and vines for successful gardening in the Maritime Northwest. Please call for availability.

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Swansons is pleased to offer a wide selection of street trees, screening trees (both deciduous and evergreen), trees for containers and small trees for urban gardens.

spacerFeatured Trees: Katsura - White Himalayan Birch - Paperbark Maple - Japanese Snowbell - Stewartia

Katsura Full TreeKatsuraKatsura LeafKatsura in the Fall

One of the most graceful and statuesque of all ornamental trees, with a symmetrical, oval crown. Elegant, heart-shaped leaves emerge in coppery tones and mature to a rich, bluish green. In early autumn, the leaves emit a subtly sweet aroma as they turn shades of gold, apricot and orange-red. A natural woodland tree, Katsura loves a partially shaded site but can handle hot sun with regular summer irrigation.

• Prefers sun or partial shade
• Prefers moist, well-drained soil (summer watering in full sun)
• 25-40 feet high, 20-30 feet wide
• Fragrant, apricot orange fall foliage
• Hardy to -30º to -20ºF

Himalayan White Birch in Winter
White Himalayan Birch

Birch BarkBirch LeafBetula jacquemontii
The favorite birch for smaller spaces with brilliant white bark, even on young trees. Narrower habit and more resistant to aphids than other birch species. Golden yellow fall color. Native to Northern India. Dramatic when against a dark background and/or planted in clumps.

• Prefers sun or part shade
• Prefers average to moist, well-drained soil
• 35-50 feet high, 15-20 feet wide
• Golden yellow autumn foliage

Paperbark Maple
Paperbark Maple

Paperbark Maple BarkPaperbark Maple in FallAcer griseum
One of the best small ornamental trees for its smooth, rich brown, peeling bark that curls away to reveal copper-colored new bark beneath. Upright, open habit at maturity with excellent adaptability to container culture.
Beautiful, three-lobed leaves turn intense tones of red and orange in autumn.

• Prefers sun or part shade in well-drained soil
• 8-10 feet high, 3-4 feet wide in 10 years
• Mature height approximately 25-30 feet
• Ultimate height and width determined by pruning
• Red / orange autumn foliage

Styrax Form
Japanese Snowbell

Paperbark Maple in FallPaperbark Maple BarkStyrax japonica
This group of small deciduous trees has been given the name 'Snowbell', alluding to their pure white, pendulous flowers which appear in May and June and are followed lovely ornamental fruit. They are among the most beautiful and distinguished of all garden plants. All thrive in sun or semi-shade in rich, well drained soils. They serve as terrific garden ornamentals or as sturdy, small-scale street trees. They are also pest and disease free.

• Prefers sun or part shade in rich well-drained soil
• Mature height 18-25 feet, spread 12-15 feet
• Hardy to -10 to -20 F
• Yellow autumn foliage

Stewartia Form
Japanese Stewartia

Stewartia BloomStewartia BarkStewartia pseudocamellia
A Swanson’s favorite! Four full seasons of interest: new leaves emerge with a bronze cast on graceful, zigzagging stems. Single white, camellia-like flowers appear intermittently over a long period in late summer, followed by intense orange-red fall leaf color. Camouflage-patterned flaking bark is very showy in winter. One of the finest slow-growing small garden trees.
Does its best in partial shade with rich, well-drained soil and minimal disturbance.

• Prefers sun or part shade
• Prefers rich, well-drained soil
• 20-40 feet high, 12-15 feet wide
• White flowers in late summer

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