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Right Plant - Right Place

Plant Now for Healthy Plants Next Summer
Autumn is one of the best times to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. Cooler air and warm soil help plants develop strong roots ahead of our dry summers. Healthy roots make for more drought-tolerant, disease-resistant plants. Plus, when the rains return, you can take advantage of “ free ” water instead of using your hose.

Use the Right Plant for the Right Place
Swansons Nursery partners with the Saving Water Partnership to give you ideas for fall planting.

Use the right plant in the right place. A plant whose cultural needs are not met -- for sun or shade, moist or dry soil conditions, soil types, drainage, wind, etc., will never thrive. Unhealthy plants are generally more susceptible to pest and disease problems.
Planning a great garden starts on paper. Map your yard, identifying the site conditions mentioned above. As you consider plants and their placement, take into account the mature size of the plants so you won’t overcrowd them, to avoid ongoing pruning and shaping. Also remember, that all plants need regular watering until they are established, from one to three years.
By using the right plant in the right place, in combination with good soil preparation and mulching practices, your landscape should need relatively little supplemental watering after establishment. Actual watering needs will depend on specific site conditions and plants used. Join us for special educational seminars sponsored by the Saving Water Partnership through out the year.

Download theRight Plant, Right Place” factsheet to understand what your garden can offer new plants.
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