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Fermob Garden Furniture

Classic outdoor furniture is Fermob's forte. Fermob creates furniture that can be part of the outdoor pleasure gained from the positive effects of nature, such as getting together with friends in a garden or on an urban terrace, or creating a green paradise on one's own backyard. The French-made furniture fits in both at large-scale outdoor public spaces and on very small private balconies.

Fermob’s mission is to design and make outdoor furniture that decorates the garden in a relaxed way. Fermob furniture has an added creative value; it is of high quality, attractive, comfortable and affordable.

Fermob produces two distinct styles of furniture: Bistro - the classic French folding tables and chairs. These chairs and tables have been in use since the late 19th century. Fermob also produces furniture that is epitomized by the words Outdoor Lounge. Outdoor, for everything which attracts and draws us outside to recharge our batteries; and Lounge, for our desire to relax and feel at ease. For those people who yearn for this lifestyle, Fermob offers a range of innovative and comfortable furniture, in various shapes and sizes which let one’s imagination run wild and encourage numerous creative ideas for decoration, since the furniture is available in a multitude of colors. The imported Fermob collection is available here in Seattle at Swansons Nursery. Click here for a color chart for Fermob.

Dune Collection

Fermob Dune Collection

Fermob, the most Famous French cafe/garden furniture company collaborated with designer Pascal Mourgue for this beautiful and colorful collection. This was the first combination of steel and OTF Outdoor Technical Fabric Used in Europe in 1996. If you want to give your garden a little hype touch, then you should definitely go for it!
Dune low chair and ottoman available in these colors: Red Collioure/Savanna, Red/Poppy, Black/Black, and Rust double weave/Rust.

Technical Characteristics
• Drawn steel frame
• High Protection Treatment Index 13 for outdoor use
• 100% polyester baked anti-UV powder coating
• Seat and backrest in tear-proof Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF) OTF is tear-proof polyester coated with PVC.
• Dune – Simple weave or double weave OTF.
• Self-adjustable backrest for Low Chair
• 3-year structural guarantee
• Simple weave colors and Double weave colors


Fermob Luxembourg Bench

This contemporary collection was designed by Frederic SOFIA. An authentic range inspired by the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. The comfortable Luxembourg Benches are made of a lightweight lacquered aluminum tubular frame with shaped extruded aluminum slats for the backrest, seat and arms in bright contemporary colors.
Luxembourg benches are available in these colors: Chili (red) and Paprika (burnt orange).

Technical Characteristics
• All aluminum frame
• High Protection Treatment Index 13 for outdoor use
• 100% polyester baked anti-UV powder coating
• 3-year structural guarantee


Fermob Furniture Bistro Folding Chairs

Characteristics - Folding tables and chairs were created at the end of the 19th century. These tables and chairs were a godsend for the bistros of France that were flourishing. Tables fold in one simple motion and are ideal for balconies, decks, and small spaces. Can easily be stored flat until needed.
Bistro tables and chairs are available in these colors: Aubergine (purple), Cedar Green, Chili (red), Cobalt Blue, Turquoise Blue, Lemon (yellow), Liquorice (Black), Nutmeg, Paprika (burnt orange), Rust (textured), Savannah (olive), Storm Grey, Verbena and Willow Green.

Technical Characteristics: Bistro Collection
• Lacquered steel
• Tops are flat or perforated
• Most tables have option of parasol hole
• Foot protectors Electrical welding of crossbars
• High Protection Treatment Index 13 for outdoor use
• 100% polyester baked anti-UV powder coating

Fermob Care & Maintenance
Fermob Bistro line General life of the product will be extended with regular cleaning with water or water containing a non-detergent soap. Wipe the furniture dry with a clean soft cloth (such as microfiber) to remove smears or traces of hard water deposits. Do not use any abrasive sponges or cleaning powders or other types of detergents as they can damage the painted surface. For heavily ingrained dirt, you could use a window-cleaning product that contains alcohol. For furniture with both metal and Outdoor Technical Fabric, the fabric should be cleaned with soapy water and a soft brush. An application of car wax will extend the life and protection of the painted surface and aid in repelling water.
We recommend cleaning off traces of bird droppings as soon as possible, as they can be particularly damaging and may lead to the permanent corrosion or staining of your furniture. To prevent scratches and water retention we recommend that you do not place decorative objects or flowerpots on top of tables. Please also avoid stacking the chairs upside down on tables to prevent further damage. Tabletops should not be covered with plastic sheeting: the chemical components in this type of material can, over time, alter the appearance of the paint as well as its protective anti-corrosion and anti-UV properties.
To maximize the lifespan of your product, we recommend storing it in a dry, well-ventilated place during the winter. Protect from any knocks and bumps while in storage. Products should not be stored covered by plastic or any other moisture-trapping product which can cause damage.

Fermob Warranty
Fermob furniture is either exclusively made of top-grade steel or used in combination with tear-proof Outdoor Technical Fabric, (PVC-coated polyester), or it is made of light lacquered aluminum. Fermob furniture undergoes several stages of rust-resistance followed by two paint stages: a Fermob-exclusive process in one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly plants in Europe. One of two treatments is utilized: a High Protection Index 13 treatment in 13 stages. The paint used is a DuPont® powder, 100% polyester, anti-UV, and is deposited electrostatically on the furniture for optimal coverage, then baked at 193°.

Your Fermob frame comes with a three (3) year structural warranty when properly maintained in ordinary residential use. Fermob will, at factory option, repair or replace any Fermob product that has failed structurally during normal use and regular maintenance. The environment the product is in, determines the life of the product. Occasional rust seepage from crevices and hidden unfinishable surfaces inherent in most designs and rivets is considered a care and maintenance function and is not considered a finish flaw. Rust will occur on exposed metal that has been chipped or scratched; should this occur, the manufacturer recommends use of touch-up paint.

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