Bare Root Overstock Sale! 

Save 50% on the following bare-root plants, while supplies last. Please be advised that quantities are limited and sell out rapidly. This list is not a guarantee of availability in the store. No holds, please. 

Not all available varieties are listed below. Come in to see our full selection!

  •  Apples (Columnar & Espalier)
    • Varieties include 'Golden Sentinel,' 'Pink Lady' & 'Northpole'
  • Espalier Pears (European & Asian)
  • Plums (Combo & Espalier)
  • Raspberries
    • Varieties include 'Jewel Black,' 'Willamette,' 'Tulameen' & 'Cascade Delight'
  • Strawberries
    • Varieties include 'Shuksan,' 'Puget Crimson,' 'Sweet Sunrise' & 'Albion'
  • Other Berries
    • Currants, Blackberries, Tayberries & Sea Berries
  • Hydrangeas
    • Varieties include 'Limelight,' 'Blushing Bride' & 'Endless Summer'
  • Ninebark Shrubs
    • Varieties include 'Amber Jubilee' & 'Little Devil'
  • Roses
    • Varieties include 'Double Delight,' 'Ebb Tide' Floribunda, 'Neptune' Hybrid Tea & 'Don Juan' Climbing
  • Twig Dogwood Shrubs
    • Varieties include 'Ivory Halo,' 'Winter Flame' & 'Kelseyi'