Brent at a Portland cafe making a plastic dinosaur drink an organic smoothie from a straw

What do you do at Swanson's? I am the Site Manager, which means I'm supposed to keep the facility and the network from falling apart. Basically my job is to fight entropy.

Tell us a little about your professional experience and other interests: I have worked in libraries, banks, a movie theater, and a prison before finding my way to Swanson’s. My other interests include writing fantasy novels and sprite comics, going to the ballet, traveling in Europe, painting, and fair-weather gardening.

What was your first plant? Drosera capensis, the Cape Sundew.

What is your favorite gardening resource (book, website, etc.)? Pinterest. I'm serious! There's some cool DIY stuff there, and lots of gardeny eye candy.

What is your favorite season? Spring! I love watching the world wake up - the new buds emerging, the juncos building their nests in silly places, the adolescent angst and self-doubt of the weather.

What is your favorite Seattle-area greenspace/park/garden? Carkeek Park. I have a long history with Carkeek; we have come to know all of each other's many moods.

Where in the world would you most like to visit? I would love to visit Iceland again. The people are friendly, the air and water are the cleanest on Earth, and the fish is awesome. Also, I would like to find out if you can really get to the center of the Earth via Snaefellsjokull. I bet you can.

What is your greatest extravagance? I have so many! Probably fancy dinners. A recent favorite is the tiny happy hour lamb burgers at Café Campagne. They come on tiny buns that look like puff pastry. The buns make each burger look like they're wearing fancy little hats. Adorable! 

What is your favorite dish? Caprese salad (ideally served in Tuscany with local ingredients) or Trofie al pesto (best served in Liguria).

If you were a beverage, what would you be? I would be a Boulevardier: bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari (ratio either 3:2:2 or 2:1:1) with lemon zest. Or if that's too fancy for you, an Old Fashioned will do. They make a really nice one at Dimitirou's Jazz Alley.

What is your most marked characteristic? Vim.

Give us a quick gardening tip: Invest in your soil. Everything that happens in your garden, good or bad, has its root (ha-ha) in the quality of your soil.

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