tomato varieties

Swansons is pleased to offer a wide variety of heirloom, as well as hybrid tomatoes.

*Please note that not all varieties are available throughout the season, and some varieties may not be listed. We would be happy to offer suggestions for substitutions!

Heirloom varieties are those whose seed strain has been preserved intact (i.e., not hybridized out of existence) for 85 years or more.
Determinate varieties tend to produce fruits which ripen all at once, and are good choices for canning. Plants are typically smaller and often do not require staking.
Indeterminate varieties keep growing and producing fruit over a very long season. They need to be staked or put in cages and can be grown in containers or in the ground.
Number of days is the typical interval from planting to ripening.

All tomatoes do best in rich, moist, well-drained soil in a hot, sunny (6 hours minimum) location. Water deeply and consistently (but don’t keep constantly wet) and fertilize with vegetable food or a complete, water-soluble mix. We also recommend foliar feeding with seaweed extract. 


full-sizes tomatoes

'ANNA RUSSIAN' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 65 days
A pinkish red “oxheart” type tomato with sweet overtones. Expect high yields of 12 to 16 oz. fruit.

'AUNT RUBY’S GREEN' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 85 days - staff favorite
Outstanding flavor! One of a kind green fruit 12 - 16oz. Award winning heirloom. Awesome salsa verde tomato

'AZOYCHKA' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 70-80 days
This Russian heirloom is a deep yellow, large beefsteak-type with refreshing flavor on the citrus side. Excellent with fish, fowl, mango salsa, and lamb. Holds well for grilling.

'BLACK KRIM' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 69 days - staff favorite
This heirloom from Eastern Europe generously produces medium size fruit that has a unique, dark reddish grey-black skin with green shoulders. The strong red and green inner fruit is moist and sweet with firm texture.

'BLACK SEA MAN' (Heirloom) Determinate ~ 75 days
Small plant. Great producer. Rich and tangy. 4 - 8 oz. fruit. Gorgeous cross section when sliced. 

'BLOODY BUTCHER' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 55-60 days
Clusters of deep red 4oz. tomatoes. Great sweet/acid balance of flavor.

'BRANDYWINE' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 80-90 days
Very large, luscious, pinky-rose fruit with a delicious, sweet, rich and spicy flavor. A famous Amish heirloom variety.

'CHEROKEE PURPLE' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 80 days - staff favorite
A late 19th century heirloom with a superb sweet flavor. Very productive. 10 - 12oz. dark mahogany-red fruit. 

'DONA' Semi-indeterminate ~ 65-70 days
Medium small fruits to 6 ounces produced in abundance on disease resistant vines. This French hybrid has been described as having a 'near perfect' sweet/acid balance.

'EARLY GIRL' Indeterminate ~ 65 days
Older variety, one of the most popular tomatoes in the NW, producing 4-6 oz. fruits in a short season. 

‘FRENCH CARMELLO' Indeterminate ~ 70 days
This French hybrid is disease resistant, crack resistant, and produces large yields of juicy, meaty tomatoes. Fruits weigh about 8 ounces and make excellent fresh eating.

'GREEN ZEBRA' (Heirloom) Semi-indeterminate ~ 75 days - staff favorite
Beautiful chartreuse 3 ounce tomatoes with deep lime-green stripes. Rich flavor. Sweet with a sharp bite to it.

'INDIGO ROSE' Indeterminate ~ 75 days
This stunning deep blue/black tomato with rosy undersides and deep red flesh will amaze your neighbors with it’s crazy color. 2-3oz. fruits are especially nice dried. Allow to ripen fully (rosy undersides) for best flavor.

'JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 80 days - staff favorite
Rich and complex tomato sweetness inside blackish ruby skin. Fruit is shape and size of a Bartlett pear.

'JUANE FLAMME' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 75 days
Sweet flavor in a small 2-3 oz. orange skinned fruit with reddish flesh. Expect high yields from this juicy tomato with a touch of tartness.

'MOSKOVICH' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 60 days - staff favorite
Russian heirloom producing bright red, tasty 4-6 oz. fruits. Cool weather hardy.

'PAUL ROBESON' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 74 days - staff favorite
A dusky red tomato with dark reddish-green shoulders. Excellent flavor in 6 oz. fruits. Named for the actor, athlete, civil rights activist and simply the finest bass vocalist of the 20th Century.

'PRUDENS PURPLE' Indeterminate ~ 70 days - staff favorite
Very large tomato boasting dark pink fruit with crimson flesh, some growing over 1 lb. Fruit is sweet and rich while foliage has a potato leaf appearance. 

'STRIPED GERMAN' Indeterminate ~ 80 days
This beautiful bi-colored red and yellow fruit is large, 1-2 lbs! Fruit has a complex fruity flavor and benefits from a heavy duty cage. 

'STUPICE' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days
This Czechoslovakian heirloom bears medium-small fruit, great for salads, fresh eating. Cold-tolerant, very early and very tasty. One of our favorites!



(These should be planted in containers that are a minimum of 12” to 14” in diameter and depth).

'CELEBRITY' Determinate ~ 70 days
An award winner with good flavor and high resistance to disease and cracking.

'PATIO' Determinate ~ 72 days
Attractive plants with mild tasting, medium-sized fruits. Good in patio containers. Surprised?



'CHOCOLATE CHERRY' Indeterminate ~ 70 days
 Earthy, dark maroon color adds a new dimension to the world of cherry tomatoes.

'ISIS CANDY' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 60 days - staff favorite
Red fruit with a yellow star. Very productive all summer long. A top winner at heirloom tastings!

'MATTS WILD CHERRY' Indeterminate ~ 55 days - staff favorite
Superior flavor to more popular newer varieties. High sugar content in the clusters of small fruit. A very vigorous sprawling plant. 

'SUNGOLD' Indeterminate ~ 65 days
Orange, cherry-type, 1-inch fruit with a delicious 'tropical' or 'fruity' flavor, borne in long trusses. Perfect for salads
or snacking. Also good in Caribbean or Indian cooking.

'SUN SUGAR' Indeterminate ~ 62 days
Golden cherries have true tomato flavor with extra sweetness. They are crack-resistant and produced in profusion
on very large plants.

'SWEET 100' Indeterminate ~ 65-70 days
The original thin-skin cherry tomato with terrific taste and yield.

'SWEET MILLION’ Indeterminate ~ 65-75 days - staff favorite
Tangy, sweet, 1-inch, crack-resistant fruit produced heavily on disease resistant vines. TERRIFIC!

'YELLOW PEAR' Indeterminate ~ 75 days
Small, juicy, pear-shaped yellow tomatoes keep coming over a long season on very large plants. Good disease



'MICRO TOM' Determinate ~ 70 days
You can grow this in a 4” pot! Small red fruit.

'RED ROBIN' Determinate ~ 55 days
Very sweet fruit on plants only 8-12 inches high. An ideal variety for use in containers and on sunny patios.

'TINY TIM' Determinate ~70 days
Very small plant. Great for patio containers and hanging baskets.

'TUMBLER' Determinate ~ 50 days
The best tomato for small hanging baskets. Early fruit is juicy and sweet


plum-type (paste) tomatoes

'AMISH PASTE' Indeterminate ~ 80 days
Very large roma type fruit. Juicy and meaty 8 - 12 oz. fruit. Sweet and acidic. Excellent fresh or in sauces. 

'BANANA LEGS' Determinate ~ 72-75 days
Extremely prolific 4 inch. yellow striped fruit with a mild flavor. Fruit is best when roasted to perfection or as added color in salads. 

'BLACK PLUM' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 70-75 days - staff favorite
Large plants produce plum-shaped, 2-inch fruits in tones of mahogany brown. A tasty treat for slicing or chunking.
Heirloom from Russia, grows to 6 feet tall.

'ROMA' Determinate ~ 75 days
Long popular paste-type tomato generously produced on sturdy vines. Fruits are meaty with few seeds and have a
mild tomato flavor. Very good for paste or sauce.

'SAN MARZANO' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 80 days
This is THE Italian canning tomato. Large clusters of 3 inch long fruits with good storing ability. Great flavor for
sauces or soups and for drying.

'STRIPED ROMAN' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 70-75 days - staff favorite
Stunning and unique. These long, pointed red fruit have wavy orange stripes! A perfect mid-sized beauty with
brilliant color, meaty flesh and excellent flavor.

'UKRAiNIAN PURPLE' (Heirloom) Indeterminate ~ 70-75 days - staff favorite
Sweet and meaty heirloom. Top ranked Roma-type fruit that thrives in cooler temps. 5-star chefs favorite.