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The Quest for the Perfect Tomato

Tomatoes… the Holy Grail for all west-of-the-cascade gardeners. You will pamper them, cajole them, swear at them and spend hours online searching for one fool-proof promise of red, mouth-watering tomatoes hanging off the vine in late August.

Whether you have been vegetable gardening many years or are just starting out, join Cyndi Stuart for tips on growing, not only tomatoes but the other sexy, warm-season veggies, like peppers and eggplants as well. She will even tackle heirlooms vs. new hybrids, and the grafted tomato so you understand the pros and cons of growing these prolific giants. 

This seminar is limited to 50 participants. Please register to reserve your seat. Walk-ins are welcome IF there are available seats at seminar start time.

If you are unable to attend, please unregister on or by emailing