Salmon Says: "Buy A Living Christmas Tree!"

living Christmas trees at Swansons Nursery

Have you ever considered a living Christmas tree before?

The idea grows in popularity every year — enjoying your living tree indoors during the week of Christmas, then planting it in your garden or in an outdoor container after the holidays, to enjoy for years to come.

Now is the perfect time to purchase a living tree because it is important to minimize the tree's time spent indoors, so it doesn't break out of its dormancy. That means your living tree should not spend any more than one week inside.

Opting for a living tree is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and easy to do if you follow a few simple but important instructions, to ensure that your tree stays in good health throughout the transition. Find detailed info on keeping your tree healthy and ready to plant after Christmas in our Living Christmas Tree Care instruction sheet.

There's another great reason to consider a living Christmas tree: Swansons' Trees for Salmon program.

Trees for Salmon began in 1999, when Swansons first teamed up with the Carkeek Park Environmental Education Center to support their ongoing efforts to bring healthy salmon habitat back to Pipers Creek, our neighborhood watershed, and we are happy to say the campaign was a complete success! We have now expanded our program and partner with other organizations, including King County Parks.

living Christmas tree with a

Conifer trees and other native vegetation benefit salmon streams by reducing surface water runoff, lowering water temperature, and providing food and habitat for other beneficial critters. So, when you purchase any designated living Christmas tree at Swansons (look for the label ‘You Can Donate This Tree’) and return your tree to Swansons by January 18th, we will donate it to King County Parks to be planted in one of their restoration sites.

Whether you don't have room for another tree in your yard (or you don't have a yard) you can still put your living tree to good use after the holidays and help local reforestation efforts! King County Parks has wide-reaching restoration goals and some very impressive annual statistics:

  • Volunteers: 7,500+
  • Hours served: 53,000+
  • Native trees and shrubs planted: 21,000+
  • Acres of open space planted: 26,000+

Swansons has a great selection of living trees, both native varieties and trees from around the world. Some examples include Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Canaan Balsam Fir, Cupressina Norway Spruce, Narrow Colorado Blue Spruce and Contorta Eastern White Pine, among others. Learn more on our PickThePerfectTree website.

Even if you aren't able to purchase a living Christmas tree this year, there are ways you can help local efforts:

  • Purchase a $5.00 “Sammy the Salmon” button at Swansons and we will contribute one native plant to the restoration effort.
  • Volunteer for a local planting event. Find out more on The Dirt, King County's calendar of hands-on volunteer opportunities.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday from Swansons Nursery, the King County Parks Department and, of course, the salmon!