Our Favorites for Early Spring

Welcome to spring! So many plants are beginning to bloom but winter isn’t quite yet a distant memory… Here are some of our favorites for the early spring season. These plants start blooming early, helping to brighten the rainy days and reminding us that more sunny days are on the way.

Japanese Camellia

Japanese Camellias grow into beautiful shrubs or small trees with an amazing range of flower colors, forms and sizes. Camellia varieties bloom in winter or early spring, depending on variety, and their blossoms stand out against their glossy deep green leaves.

  • Part shade, would like protection from hot afternoon sun

  • Average, well-drained soil

  • 6-12’ tall and wide, depending upon variety

  • Blooms November-April, depending upon variety


Winter Heath (Erica carnea)

Winter heath blooms with beautiful color during our winter months and early spring months. The blossoms provide a vital food source for bees braving the cooler weather.

  • Full sun

  • Well-drained soil

  • 1.5 - 3’ tall and wide, depending upon variety

  • Blooms February-April



Hellebores are invaluable to brighten the garden and are some of the earliest flowers in the garden, blooming in winter or early spring. Their evergreen foliage is an attractive bonus.

  • Partial shade

  • Average, well-draining soil

  • 18” tall and 24” wide, depending upon variety

  • Blooms December-April, depending upon variety


Delavay Osmanthus

In early spring, this evergreen shrub is covered in small white tubular flowers which emit an incredible fragrance. Delavay Osmanthus can be pruned to form a hedge or left to grow naturally.

  • Full sun to part shade

  • Average, well-drained soil

  • 6-8’ tall and wide

  • Blooms March-April


Spring Blooming Bulbs (Crocus, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, etc.)

Bulbs are excellent for creating a splash of color to chase away the winter blues and are easy to plant in the ground or containers. The happy yellow of daffodils, the fragrance of hyacinth, and the eye-catching color of tulips and crocus are a must have for any garden. You can plant the bulbs in the fall or plant potted, blooming plants in the spring.

  • Full sun to partial shade

  • Average, well-draining soil

  • Height and width vary depending upon bulb and variety

  • Blooms early spring to late spring, depending upon variety


Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens)

A beautiful evergreen perennial with deep green foliage and bright white flowers in spring. Great for growing in rockeries!

  • Full sun to part shade

  • Average, well-drained soil

  • 8-12” tall x 18” wide, depending upon variety

  • Blooms March-May


Wallflower (Erisymium)

These pretty evergreen perennials begin blooming in spring to create welcome splash of color in your garden. There are many colors of fragrant Wallflowers, including yellow, orange, and purple.

  • Full sun to part shade

  • Average, well-draining soil

  • 24-28” x 16-20”, depending on variety

  • Blooms March through summer



Are your pots and containers looking a bit tattered after the winter? If so, plant Ranunculus! Their bright flowers in many colors will refresh your pots and fill you with spring fever. These flowers are great for displaying in vases as well.

  • Full sun to partial shade

  • Average, well-drained soil

  • 6 – 12” tall and wide, depending upon variety

  • Blooms March to early April

We have a great selection of plants for the early spring season to brighten up your space and we’re happy to help choose your plants, whether in person or on social media using #heyswansons!