Cut Christmas Tree Care

Nothing beats the smell of fresh conifer trees to get you in the mood for the holiday season! Celebrate with a beautiful tree you can take home to decorate and enjoy. Here are a few instructions to follow so your tree will stay in good health—from the time you purchase it at Swansons through the entire holiday season.

When you buy a cut Christmas tree at Swansons, we will make a fresh cut shortly before your tree is prepped to load on your car. It’s important to get your new tree’s trunk into water within a half an hour, as the fresh cut we gave your tree will seal off if it dries out. Once the cut seals, the tree can’t absorb water until it gets another fresh cut. So if you plan on running other errands the same day you buy your freshly cut tree, plan on stopping off for the tree last so you can head straight home and get your tree into water right away.

Christmas trees drink a lot of water, and you might be surprised how much water a Christmas tree can take up! If the water level drops below the tree’s cut end, the trunk will seal off. Then the tree will dry out quickly unless it gets another fresh cut. Trust us; cutting the trunk of a decorated tree is not recommended! That’s why it’s important to check the water level for your cut tree daily. If the weather has been cold and the tree frozen before you bring it home, it may not take up water for a day or two, or until after it thaws. That isn’t a problem. But just don’t assume your tree won’t need more water at a later date. Checking daily is just the way to go.

We hope you enjoy your freshly cut Christmas tree this season, and may all spirits be bright!

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