tomato varieties 2019

Swansons is pleased to offer a wide variety of heirloom, as well as hybrid tomatoes.

*Please note that not all varieties are available throughout the season, and some varieties may not be listed. We would be happy to offer suggestions for substitutions!

Essential to know: Tomatoes grow on vines. Most varieties grow big and wild and should be planted with a tomato cage or other staking support. This will hold up your heavy tomato harvest, and improve airflow and disease resistance. When planting, bury all the roots and up to half of the stem to speed up growth. Roots will grow off of the stem underground. All tomatoes do best in rich, moist, well-drained soil in a hot, sunny (6 hours minimum) location. Water deeply and consistently (but don’t keep constantly wet) and fertilize with vegetable food. We also recommend weekly foliar feeding with seaweed extract.

Indeterminate varieties keep growing and producing fruit over a very long season. They need to be
staked or grown in cages. They can be grown in the ground or in containers with a diameter of 20”-22”.

Determinate varieties tend to produce fruits which ripen all at once, and are good choices for canning.
Plants are typically smaller and often do not require cages.

Heirloom varieties are those whose seed strain has been preserved intact (i.e., not hybridized out of existence) for 85 years or more.

Number of days is the typical interval from planting to ripening.


CHERRY TOMATOES (grow to 4 ft. and taller)

(Indeterminate cherry tomatoes grow well in Seattle when planted with support, either in 20”-22” containers or in the ground with 2-3 ft.-square spacing.)

'CHOCOLATE CHERRY' (Heirloom)              Indeterminate ~ 65 days - staff favorite
Heirloom cherry tomato with a rich mahogany-purple color and sweetly complex flavor. Expect high yields on this vigorous, fast growing plant.  A must-grow.

'ISIS CANDY' (Heirloom)              Indeterminate ~ 67-74 days - staff favorite
Beautiful red and yellow marbled heirloom offering large yields of award-winning tomatoes. The flavor is outstandingly sweet and fruity. Kids adore them. 

'MATT’S WILD CHERRY' (Heirloom)              Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days
Copious quantities of small, deep red cherries with exceptional, wild flavor. Plant grows rapid and rampant.

'SUNGOLD'              Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days - staff favorite
The darling of the cherry tomato world. This explosively productive hybrid tastes like summer-time. The golden orange flesh bursts with sweet, tropical flavor. Try in a fruit salad!

'SUN SUGAR’              Indeterminate ~ 63 days - staff favorite
This golden-yellow cherry has it all: perfect tangy-sweetness, superb texture, and thin skins that are also crack resistant, even in heavy rains. Heavy crop on BIG plant.

'SWEET 100'/’SUPERSWEET 100’              Indeterminate ~ 60-70 days - staff favorite
Very sweet, thin skinned, red cherry hybrid. Could also be called “vine-candy”. Abundant production over a long season. Plant grows vigorously.

'SWEET MILLION'              Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days
Bright red hybrid cherries are extra sweet and resist cracking. Each plant produces a seemingly endless supply of perfect 1” tomatoes. Disease resistant.

'YELLOW PEAR' (Heirloom)              Indeterminate ~ 70-75 days
Very sweet fruits have a mild flavor and low acidity (AKA, picky-eater friendly!). The delightful shape looks wonderful on pasta, salad or snack plates.

SLICING TOMATOES (grow to 4 ft. and taller)

(Plant these varieties with a cage or other support, in pots 20”-22” in diameter or in the ground with 2-3 ft2 spacing.)

'ANNA RUSSIAN' (Heirloom)              12-16 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 65-75 days - staff favorite
Big tomatoes with rich flavor, meaty texture and early production. Color ranges from dark pink to red, in heart-shaped fruit. An excellent, gorgeous tomato.

'AZOYCHKA' (Heirloom)              8-12 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 70-80 days - staff favorite
A beautiful Russian heirloom. Flavor is tangier than other yellows, with citrus notes. Excellent with fish, fowl, lamb and mango salsa. High yields.

'BEEFSTEAK' (Heirloom)              12-20 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 80 days
These large, red, ribbed fruits are the cook’s garden favorite. Solid, flavorful, meaty and juicy, an excellent slicer.

'BLACK KRIM' (Heirloom)              10-14 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 70-80 days - staff favorite
This outstanding heirloom is popular at farmers markets.  Flavor is smoky, salty and sweet, all at once. Reddish purple skin with dark green shoulders and firm texture. 

'BRANDYWINE' (Heirloom)              10-20 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 78-90 days
Sweet and spicy taste, few seeds, and meaty flesh. One of the largest and most popular heirloom tomatoes, well worth the wait.

'CARMELLO'              8-12 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 65-70 days - staff favorite
Very popular in France, this bright red tomato has immense, sweet flavor. Disease resistant and crack resistant, it is also one of the most prolific producers ever bred.

'CHEROKEE PURPLE' (Heirloom)              8-12 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 72-80 days
Ranks highly in taste tests with a good balance of sweet, acid, savory and a hint of smokiness. Skin has tones of brown, green, and purple.  

'DONA'              4-6 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 65-70 days - staff favorite
Bred for the choosy French markets, the flavor has near perfect sweet/acid balance.  Shiny, bright red, uniformly round fruits grow abundantly. Crack and disease resistant. Très bon!

'EARLY GIRL'              4-6 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days
The classic early producing slicing tomato. Relied on by many NW gardeners, the fruit arrives early and keeps producing until frost.

'GREEN ZEBRA' (Heirloom)              3-4 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 72-78 days - staff favorite
The sweet and tangy flavor of the fruit is as appealing as the spectacular appearance- glowing green skin overlaid with olive and gold mottled streaks. A favorite with chefs and restaurateurs. Expect high yields.

'JAUNE FLAMME' (Heirloom)              2-4 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 70-80 days - staff favorite
A perfect fruity blend of sweet and tart, like a full-sized Sungold. Jaune Flamme (or yellow flame, in French) excels for fresh eating, and retains its apricot color when drying and roasting. 

'MOSKOVICH' (Heirloom)              4-6 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 60-65 days - staff favorite
Fruits are round to slightly flattened with deep red color and luscious, rich flavor. Ripens early and great eaten fresh or processed. Highly resistant to cracking. Like all Russians, it can stand up to cool conditions.

'PAUL ROBESON' (Heirloom)              6-10 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 72-76 days
A gorgeous, dark and dusky-hued fruit that is sweet and spicy with a hint of tanginess. Add to that its superb texture and high production, and you’ll see what makes this a cult favorite with seed collectors. Named in honor of the 20th century civil rights activist, actor, athlete and vocalist.  

'STUPICE' (Heirloom)              2-4 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 55-62 days - staff favorite
(Pronounced “stu-PEACH-ka”) Native of Czechoslovakia, this tomato’s extreme earliness, tolerance to cold, superior flavor and high yields have earned it worldwide attention.

'YELLOW PERFECTION'             2-4 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 75 days
Sensational flavor, tart and savory, matches the brilliant yellow color of these salad tomatoes. Fruit grows abundantly on strong, stocky vines. Easy to grow in our maritime climate!


(As little as 8“ tall up to 4‘, these varieties can fit into smaller spaces. Cages not necessary, but some staking support will benefit plant health.)

'BLACK SEA MAN' (Heirloom)              8-14 oz. fruit    Determinate ~ 75 days - staff favorite
Brownish pink fruits with olive green shading on exterior and interior. Rich flavor and high production, benefits from staking, often 4 ft. tall. 

'BUSH GOLIATH'              6-8 oz. fruit    Determinate ~ 65-68 days - staff favorite
Attractive, compact plants grow up to 4 ft. tall and need little staking. Fruits are large, red and packed with flavor. Bears consistently up to frost. Disease resistant.

'OREGON CHERRY'                Determinate ~ 58-62 days
Early season variety developed by Oregon State University. Reliable Northwest treat with thin skin and sweet flavor. Heavy producer on a compact (18”-24”) plant.

'OREGON SPRING'              3-7 oz. fruit    Determinate ~ 60-65 days
This OSU bred tomato produces loads of slicing tomatoes even in cool, early season weather or at higher elevations. Fruit has good flavor, true red color and is nearly seedless. Plant grows to 4 ft.

'PATIO CHOICE YELLOW CHERRY'              Determinate ~ 60-65 days
This cheery yellow cherry tomato plant is an All-America Selections (AAS) Winner for 2017. Developed for urban and small-space gardeners, each plant grows about 18” tall and sets over 100 fruit with mildly sweet flavor and a touch of acid.

'TUMBLING TOM RED/YELLOW CHERRY'              Determinate ~ 65-70 days
A cascading cherry tomato with vines that can trail up to 2 ft. Striking in hanging baskets, window boxes, or tall containers, the fruit is deliciously sweet. Can be grown in a 1 gallon pot.  


'ROMA' (Heirloom)              2-3 oz. fruit    Determinate ~ 72-75 days
The most popular heirloom tomato for cooking, canning, and saucing. Fruit has thick flesh, low seed count and produces up to 200, egg-shaped fruit per plant. 

'SAN MARZANO' (Heirloom)              4-5 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 80 days - staff favorite
Ranks among the richest roma types available. Tomatoes are high in sugars, pectin and flavor for the very best in sauces, pastes and soups. 

'SPECKLED/STRIPED ROMAN'              6-8 oz. fruit    Indeterminate ~ 75-85 days - staff favorite
Looks like a novelty tomato, yet offers serious flavor, production, and interest to any dish. Thick and meaty flesh with few seeds cooks fantastically.