Starting Veggies from seed in the garden

growing tips for the Pacific northwest

Swansons offers seed varieties that are particularly well suited to the Pacific Northwest climate and may be sown directly into the garden. The following calendar* can help you decide when to sow and when to harvest. Always check individual seed packets for more specific planting information! 




(OW) = Overwinter for late Winter & Spring harvest.
(C) = Cover for early establishment and/or to extend harvest season into cooler months.

* Information is compiled from multiple sources, including Seattle Tilth's Maritime Northwest Garden Guide, Territorial Seed Company Catalog, Steve Solomon's Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, and Oregon Tilth's Planting & Harvest Calendar. 

Beans, Bush (Snap)   Days to Harvest: 60–70    Sow: May–July    Harvest: July–Oct    
Beans, Bush (Dry)    Days to Harvest: 90–100    Sow: May-June    Harvest: Aug.–Oct.    
Beans, Pole    Days to Harvest: 70–90    Sow: May–June    Harvest: Aug.-Oct.    
Beans, Fava    Days to Harvest: 180    Sow: Feb.–March    Harvest: Aug.–Oct.  
Beans, Fava  (OW)  Days to Harvest: 180    Sow: Sept.-Oct.    Harvest: March–May  
Beets    Days to Harvest: 50–80  Sow: March (C), April–Aug.    Harvest: June–Nov.  
Broccoli    Days to Harvest: 55–90    Sow: March (C), June–July  Harvest: June–Nov. 
Broccoli (OW)    Days to Harvest: 220–250    Sow: July–Aug.    Harvest: Feb.–May  
Brussel Sprouts    Days to Harvest: 100–180    Sow: May-July    Harvest: Oct.–Nov.       
Cabbage (Fall)    Days to Harvest: 80–90   Sow: late April-May    Harvest: July–Nov.    
Cabbage (OW)    Days to Harvest: 90–220    Sow: June–Aug.    Harvest: Feb.–April
Carrots    Days to Harvest: 70–90    Sow: March (C), April–July    Harvest: May-Oct.    
Cauliflower (Fall)    Days to Harvest: 90–150 Sow: May–July     Harvest: Sept.–Nov.    
Cauliflower (OW)    Days to Harvest: 200–260    Sow: July–Aug.    Harvest: March–June     
Collards    Days to Harvest: 80–100    Sow: March & June–Aug.    Harvest: July–Nov.    
Corn    Days to Harvest: 70–110    Sow: May–June    Harvest: July–Sept.    
Cucumber    Days to Harvest: 55–75    Sow: late April-May (C), June    Harvest: July–Sept.   
Chicory/Endive    Days to Harvest: 60–80    Sow: July–Aug.    Harvest: Sept.–Nov.    
Garlic (OW)   Days to Harvest: 220–300    Sow: Sept.–Oct.    Harvest: May–Aug.  
Kale    Days to Harvest: 60–70    Sow: February-March, July  Harvest: April–Nov. 
Kohlrabi    Days to Harvest: 60–70    Sow: April & June–Aug.     Harvest: June–Nov.   
Leeks (Fall)    Days to Harvest: 120    Sow: March    Harvest: Aug.–Nov.    
Leeks (OW)    Days to Harvest: 180–220    Sow: May–June    Harvest: Feb.–May
Lettuce     Days to Harvest: 65–80    Sow: March–Sept.     Harvest: April–Nov.  
Melons    Days to Harvest: 55–85    Sow: May (C), June-July    Harvest:  Aug.–Sept.    
Onions (Fall)    Days to Harvest: 100–120    Sow: March     Harvest: Aug.–Nov.    
Onions (OW)    Days to Harvest: 180–220    Sow: July–Aug.    Harvest: March–June      
Parsnips     Days to Harvest: 120     Sow: April–May     Harvest: Aug.-Sept. 
Peas     Days to Harvest: 90–110     Sow: Feb.–April & Sept.–Oct.     Harvest: May–July & Nov.    
Potatoes    Days to Harvest: 70–120    Sow: March–May    Harvest: June–Sept.    
Pumpkins    Days to Harvest: 90–110    Sow: May (C)–June    Harvest: Sept.—Nov.    
Radishes    Days to Harvest: 25–35    Sow: late Feb.–May & Aug.–Oct.     Harvest: April–June & Sept.–Nov.     
Scallions     Days to Harvest: 40–60     Sow: April–July     Harvest: May–Nov.    
Shallots (OW)    Days to Harvest: 90     Sow: Sept.–Oct.    Harvest: Feb.–April    
Spinach    Days to Harvest: 40–50     Sow: March–Aug.     Harvest: April–June & Sept.–Nov.    
Summer Squash    Days to Harvest: 55–70     Sow: May (C), June      Harvest: July–Sept.      
Swiss Chard     Days to Harvest: 60     Sow: March–July      Harvest: May–Nov.    
Winter Squash     Days to Harvest: 100–150     Sow: May (C), June     Harvest: Sept.–Nov.  
Turnips     Days to Harvest: 30–55     Sow: March-April     Harvest: May–July