Rose List 2015

Swansons selects rose varieties from old favorites including hybrid teas, shrubs, and climbing roses as well as many new selections chosen for their superior performance in the Puget Sound region. Varieties are listed alphabetically. Please note that this list includes bare root varieties we have ordered for 2015. Availability of specific varieties will vary throughout the season. Please ask one of our nursery professionals for details.

Rose types are described below:
N - Varieties which are new introductions for 2014 or 2015  /   AARS - All-America Rose Selections winners.

Abraham Darby peachy pink David Austin
America coral pink Climbing AARS
Angel Face lavender Floribunda AARS
Apricot Drift apricot Shrub
Autumn Sunset gold/apricot Climbing
Bey White apricot pink Hybrid Tea
Black Baccara deep burgundy Hybrid Tea
Blanc Double de Courbet white Rugosa
Centennial yellow/apricot Hybrid Tea
Chihuly or./red/yel. Floribunda
Claire Austin creamy white David Austin
Coral Drift coral orange Shrub
Darcey Bussell crimson David Austin
Don Juan dark red Climbing
Double Delight cream/red Hybrid Tea AARS
Double Knockout red Shrub
Dream Come True yellow/pink Grandiflora AARS
Easy Going golden yellow Floribunda
Ebb Tide deep purple Floribunda
Evelyn peach/yellow David Austin
Fragrant Cloud coral/red Hybrid Tea
Francis Meilland light pink Hybrid Tea AARS
Gertrude Jekyll rose pink David Austin
Gold Medal deep yellow Grandiflora
Golden Celebration golden yellow David Austin
Gourmet Popcorn white Shrub
Graham Thomas bright yellow David Austin
Honor white Hybrid Tea AARS
Hot Cocoa chocolate red Floribunda AARS
Iceberg white Floribunda
Iceberg Climbing white Climbing
Ingrid Bergman deep red Hybrid Tea
Joseph's Coat yellow/orange Climbing
Jubilee Celebration salmon pink David Austin
Jude the Obscure apricot yellow David Austin
Julia Child golden yellow Floribunda  AARS
Just Joey apricot Hybrid Tea
Lavaglut red Floribunda
Livin' Easy apricot Floribunda AARS
Love & Peace yellow/pink Hybrid Tea AARS
Marilyn Monroe pale apricot Hybrid Tea
Midas Touch golden yellow Hybrid Tea AARS
Mister Lincoln red Hybrid Tea AARS
Moondance creamy white Floribunda AARS
Mother of Pearl light salman Grandiflora
Munstead Wood crimson David Austin
Neptune lavender Hybrid Tea
New Dawn pale pink Climbing
New Zealand pink Hybrid Tea
Night Owl wine purple Climbing
Pat Austin copper/yellow David Austin
Peace pink/yellow Hybrid Tea AARS
Perfume Delight rose pink Hybrid Tea AARS
Polka apricot/peach Climbing
Pope John Paul II white Hybrid Tea AARS
Purple Pavement reddish purple Rugosa
Queen Elizabeth medium pink Grandiflora AARS
Queen Mary 2 white Hybrid Tea
Sally Holmes blush Climbing
Secret cream/pink Hybrid Tea AARS
Sheila's Perfume pink/yellow Floribunda
Sky's the Limit yellow Climbing
Sunny Knock Out yellow Shrub
Sunsprite deep yellow Floribunda
Tahitian Sunset yellow/pink Hybrid Tea AARS
Take It Easy red/pink Floribunda N
Voodoo coral blend Hybrid Tea AARS
Westerland apricot/orange Climbing
Zephirine Drouhin rose pink Climbing

Rose Types

Hybrid Tea: A class of roses characterized by one large flower growing from a high pointed bud on a single stem.
Floribunda: A class of roses that grow clusters of flowers. Floribunda is a class that encompasses many different flower types.
David Austin: A class of roses with the classic flower forms and heavy fragrance of old roses, but with more disease resistance and repeat blooming.
Miniature: Dwarf Hybrid Tea or Floribunda roses.
Climbing: Roses that grow extra tall and fast. They originally evolved to use other trees and shrubs as supports so they could gain access to light.
Shrub: Generally this class of roses refers to cultivars that are bushy, lower growing, repeat blooming, and disease resistant. They are very easy to care for and therefore are often referred to as Landscape Roses.
Rugosa: Rugosas are extremely disease resistant shrub type roses with pronounced and ornamental rose hips (fruit) produced after the flowers.
Grandiora: A class of roses that often grow tall and produce large, full flowers on either flower clusters or single stems. Swansons typically displays Grandiflora roses together with Hybrid Teas.