Angel's Trumpet - brugmansia & datura

Exotic and showy, Angel's Trumpets are very popular as garden showpieces and patio pot plants. They are easy to grow and easy to prune. Their caregivers are generously rewarded with profusions of pendulous trumpet-shaped blooms which have a sweet fragrance particularly noticeable in the evening. The bloom cycle lasts for a period of several months. All varieties are shrubs which can be grown as small trees.

For best results, plant in sun to part shade in a location somewhat sheltered from the wind. Use a potting soil that drains well and mix in a slow-release fertilizer. Over the spring/summer, water generously and fertilize with a liquid fertilizer once a week.

Brugmansias are treated as annuals in our area. To winter over, move your Brugmansia indoors before the first frost and cut it back to one or two buds. Water lightly when needed. Brugmansias should not be fertilized over the winter. The following spring, after danger from the last frost is past, your plant can be set out for another successful season of beautiful blooms.

Daturas are related to Brugmansias and jimsonweeds, but have smaller blooms that face upward and/or outward. Some varieties have leaves that smell like peanut butter. When the flowers are through blooming, they are quickly followed by round, prickly seed pods. When the seeds are ripe, the pods burst open, scattering the seeds.

Flowers and seed pods of Brugmansias and Daturas are poisonous. We recommend depodding your Datura so the pretty but poisonous seeds cannot tempt small children and/or animals.

B. Whiskers - bright yellow-  12 ft (high) 6 ft (wide)
Charles Grimald - yellow shades - 8 ft 8 ft
Cotton Candy - pink - 12 ft 12 ft
Cypress Garden - white - 10 ft 8 ft
Dr. Seuss - orange - 6 ft 4 ft
Mrs. Chambers - white w/ pink edge - 6 ft 6 ft
Ms. Anna - peach/pink - 8 ft 6 ft
Sunray Yellow - creamy yellow - 12 ft 8 ft
Veriscolor Salmon - salmon - 12 ft 10 ft
B. Buttery - rose pink - 10 ft 8 ft
Daybreak Lemon - yellow - 12 ft 8 ft
Equador Pink - pink - 8 ft 8 ft
Insignis - pink - 10 ft 8 ft
Isabella - white w/ dark pink tips - 8 ft 6 ft
Jamacian Yellow - pale yellow - 12 ft 6 ft
Uconn Treasure - white - 12 ft 8 ft
Veriscolor Peach - peach/coral - 8 ft 10 ft