A Brief History of Swan Dollars

90th anniversary swandollars

Swanson's has always appreciated our loyal customers and, in 2001, we created our very first swan dollars as a fun way of thanking them.

The swan dollar program

You can earn swan dollars on all of your purchases during the period of April 1 through June 30th and redeem them between July 1 and July 31. Customers earn one swan dollar for every $10 they spend at the Nursery and they can be applied to up to half of their total purchase. Best of all, swan dollars can also be used for clearance items!

A nursery's history in currency

But swan dollars are more than just “coupons”, they are a part of Swanson’s history and, if we may be so bold, ever-evolving objets d’art. Each year, our graphic designers painstakingly create intricate new designs for the dollars, showcasing all that Swanson’s has to offer. Most years the designs have highlighted what we know best - our favorite plants. In 2013, we chose plant motifs as depicted by famous artists and this year we are highlighting our 90th year in Seattle.

We decided to share some images of past dollars from our archives to give you an idea of the creative variety of the designs.

The thrill of collecting

Originally, we included a date on the dollars, but since our policy is to accept them no matter what the year, we eventually decided to do away with the dates altogether.

We know some of you out there have vintage swan dollars stashed away. You may want to hold onto to your collection (who knows what their collector value may be?) or pass it down to future generations, but if you change your mind, we will be happy to honor them.

Remind me again…

People often lament that they can’t keep track of when they can redeem their dollars and we have a great tip to help you remember: keep your swan dollars in the glove compartment of your car but clip one dollar to the July page of your date book. For the technically savvy, set an event on your phone or tablet so you can be pleasantly surprised to find out that the chime you are hearing isn’t just another alert for a boring meeting, but the joyous announcement that it’s swan dollar redemption time again!

2014: Swansons' 90th Anniversary

This year we are excited to be celebrating our 90th anniversary. In honor of this incredible milestone, we have created a special anniversary edition of the swan dollar. Thank you, Swanson's customers, for 90 amazing years! Here's to 90 more.