Dedication & Art Installation at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club

After all the hard work, the new art garden and parklet are finally ready to be enjoyed by the community. Last week we held a dedication ceremony attended by Swansons, Curator PR, the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, local Press and, most importantly, kids, staff and families of the Boys & Girls Club.

We talked about the project and how important the Boys & Girls Club is to the community. We did the wave. But the best part was how the kids immediately got involved with the garden.

Many enthusiastic volunteers planted flowers in the four corners of the cedar bench, then all the kids participated in an art installation in the rain garden, strategically placing their painted rocks and art tiles throughout the garden.

Then we celebrated with babycakes from Cupcake Royale.

Now the garden and parklet really feel finished, and they look amazing.

Thanks again to everyone who participated by donating time and materials, including volunteers from Swansons, Curator and the B&G Club, Dunn Lumber, Mutual Materials and Cupcake Royale.

We can't wait to see how the garden will evolve. In fact, that's one of the most interesting parts of gardening, isn't it? Watching your carefully planned work change with the seasons and with use. We are so glad the kids are excited to stay involved, through caring for the garden, adding new art and simply enjoying their new green spaces.

What kind of artwork would you put into the garden?

What would you plant each season in the corners of the bench?

Let us know and we will pass it on!

photo credit: Colin Bishop