Which Tomato Should I Grow?

Each year, the eternal question arises once again: Which tomato should I grow?? For many of us at Swansons, the question becomes "which tomatoes should I grow" because most of us can't help but experiment with at least 5 varieties (if we're feeling a sense of restraint). 

Whether you plan to plant 20 tomatoes or just one, the answer to the question usually involves consideration of a mix of variables: location, space, sunlight, timing, and the ever-important taste preferences.

We've boiled down the tomato decision process in this infographic to help you pick the tomatoes that are right for you. Once you've decided, let us know! Comment on this post or share on social media using the hashtag #heyswansons

Want more details? Check out our 2017 Tomato Varieties list for descriptions of the tomatoes above and more varieties we carry!