coffee plants

Glossy dark green foliage, a handsome shape and easy care make coffee plants a great choice for indoor gardening.

Place your coffee plant in a north, east, or shaded or filtered west-facing window. It needs bright light but not direct sun. In the outdoors it needs to be shaded from hot afternoon sun and it must be brought indoors for the winter.

Although native to east Africa, it will be comfortable in average room temperatures during spring, summer and fall. In winter, it prefers temperatures above 55º F. Fill a tray with water and pebbles and set your plant on top of the pebbles. Your plant will
appreciate the humidity you’ve provided. Coffee plants do most of their growing from March/April through October and should have
thorough waterings during this time (water enough to see dripping from the bottom of the container). The soil should be moist, but not soggy, like a well-rung out dishcloth. November through February/March should be a resting time for your plant. Water less often — just enough to keep the soil from completely drying out.

Fertilize with a water soluble product such as Miracle Gro at 1/2 the recommended dose every two weeks during the growing season.

Coffee plants are sold either with a single stem (as a tree) or with several stems (as a shrub). Either makes an excellent container specimen, able to grow three to five feet indoors. As the plant matures, it may produce fragrant white flowers which are followed by 1/2-inch long fruits. The fruits are green, turning to red or purple, maturing to black. Each fruit contains two seeds (coffee beans) which you can use to start new plants.