Custom Container Design

The talented designers at Swansons can create special containers for outdoor or indoor use, always based on your specific preferences. Let us customize your design to suit your individual space and lighting situation, creating just the effect you desire. We also do in-home installation. (See below). Come in and speak with one of our designers today!


In-home Container design services

Swansons now offers a convenient in-home custom designed container-planting service for our customers in the Seattle metropolitan area. This service is well-suited for one of Seattle’s fastest-growing populations: urban dwellers who want beautiful landscaping but do not have traditional gardens. Corporate businesses who need interior plant installations can also take advantage of this new service. 

After an initial consultation and site visit, we will come to your office or private home to create remarkable container designs. Plants must be purchased at Swansons Nursery. To learn more, read our information sheet or contact us at or 206-838-2711. 

After recently purchasing a new floating home, I needed some help creating a new planter box garden. Not knowing much about gardening and plants, I contacted Swanson’s about the project because of their excellent reputation for quality, and their long time experience in the business. Investment in your plants and living spaces is not insignificant so I wanted to make sure my money was wisely spent and could thrive over time. I worked with Charlo on the project and the results exceeded my expectations. I got the knowledge and experience expected, and achieved the goal of ensuring I invested in plants that match my environment and care needs, but I didn’t expect such artistry! Charlo did a great job of translating my general ideas and desires into a specific vision that I could not have imagined. Every time I look at it I see new colors, textures and real thoughtful attention to detail. My new garden has helped transform a house purchase into a home. Even after the installation, Charlo has gone the extra mile to check in, see if I have questions, or need any help to be successful with my new environment. I’m so thankful I partnered with Swanson’s on this project!
— Christie P., June 2015