florist azaleas

Our bright, cheery Florist Azaleas are greenhouse-grown. When first purchased, they are tender and need protection from freezing temperatures. Some varieties adapt to outdoor conditions through the summer and will survive year-round. Most, however, do best when grown outside in the summer then brought inside during the fall and winter.


Bright, indirect light is preferred. Avoid hot, direct sunlight.

They should have night temperatures of 45–55ºF and day temperatures of 68º max. Warmer temperatures may cause the buds and flowers to drop off.

The soil should be kept moist, but never soggy. Remove any standing water in your saucer after watering (except in a pebble tray — see below).

It helps to place the plant's pot on a pebble tray with water, but keep the bottom of the pot out of the water.

Do not fertilize the plant while it is blooming. You may apply an acid-loving plant fertilizer after the blooming period, and every two weeks from spring through fall.

• In cool rooms, the plant should bloom for 3–4 weeks.
• Remove the faded flowers often from the plant.
• After bloom period, you may prune to shape the plant. If repotting is necessary, repot the plant in a pot one size larger. Use a mix 1/2 potting soil and 1/2 fine pine bark.
• When all danger of frost is over in the spring, place the pot outside in a partially shaded area. If you plan to bring the plant inside again in the fall, but wish to add it to your garden during summer, dig a hole and place the entire pot into the ground. Be sure to keep it moist all summer.
• Bring the plant back into the house next fall before the first frost. Remember, the plant needs 5–6 weeks of 40–55º night temperatures before it will set flower buds.
• Repeat these tips for another season of indoor color.