indoor gardenia care

The Gardenia, Gardenia jasminoides, is a widely popular fragrant indoor plant. The pure white flowers are truly a beauty to behold and the intoxicating scent is just as wonderful to experience. They are a favorite of gardeners and plant lovers everywhere.

Here in the Pacific Northwest there are three or four outdoor cold hardy Gardenias that are available, but this particular one is commonly grown inside in the house or office.


Gardenia care can be a bit tricky but at the same time very rewarding.

Light Requirements
Place in a location with good bright light with daytime temperatures 68º–74º F and night temps around 60º F.

Soil should be kept evenly moist but not soggy. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. Avoid overhead watering or letting the plant sit directly in a tray of water. A shallow tray filled with rocks beneath the pot will create a nice island of humidity and will keep the roots from getting waterlogged.

During its flowering period April to November, feed monthly with an acid-based fertilizer (like Miracid®). Maintain the plant by removing spent flowers and old leaves.