low maintenance perennials for the northwest gardener

'Low Maintenance' generally means that a plant will survive in its preferred soil and light conditions with little supplemental water or fertilizer after it has become established - usually after at least two seasons of deep watering and fertilization. Disease and insect resistance is extremely high. The first season after planting is the most critical to insure the plant develops a sufficiently deep root system to withstand future stress conditions. With adequate care during this initial period, the plant should require minimal attention and provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment. There will be additional once a year pruning requirements to maintain the plants. Please refer to individual cultivar signs, or consult one of our Swanson’s nursery professionals.

ARTEMISIA Artemisia spp.
BABY'S BREATH Gypsophila paniculata
BACHELOR BUTTON Centaurea spp.
BALLOTA Ballota spp.
BARRENWORT Epimedium spp. (S)
BEEBALM Monarda cultivars
BELLFLOWER Campanula porscharskyana (S)
BLACKEYED SUSAN Rudbeckia spp.
BLUE FESCUE Festuca cultivars
BLUE OAT GRASS Helictotrichon sempervirens
BLUE-EYED GRASS Sisyrinchium spp.
BUCKLER FERN Dryopteris dilitata (S)
BUTTERFLY WEED Asclepias tuberosa
CANDYTUFT Iberis sempervirens
CATMINT Nepeta spp.
CINQUEFOIL Potentilla spp.
CUPID'S DART Catanache caerulea
DAYLILY Hemerocallis spp.
EDELWEISS Leontopodium alpinum
ELEPHANT EARS Bergenia spp. (S)
FALSE INDIGO Baptisia spp.
FEVERFEW Chrysanthemum parthenium (S)
FLAX Linum spp.
FOAM FLOWER Tiarella spp. (S)
FOUNTAIN GRASS Pennisetum spp
GARDEN PHLOX Phlox paniculata cultivars
GAURA Gaura spp. and cultivars
GAYFEATHER Liatris spp.
GERMANDER Teucrium chamaedrys
GOLDENROD Solidago spp.
HARDY FUCHSIA Fuchsia magellanica cultivars (S)
HARDY GERANIUM Geranium spp.
HARDY ICE PLANT Delosperma spp.
HELLEBORE Helleborus spp. (S)
HOSTA Hosta spp. and cultivars(S)
HYSSOP Hyssop officinalis
IRIS Iris pallida, I. douglasiana (S)
LADY FERN Athyrium felix-femina (S)
LADY'S MANTLE Alchemilla mollis (S)
LAMB'S EARS Stachys byzantina
LAVENDER Lavender spp.
LILY-OF-THE-NILE Agapanthus cultivars
LILYTURF Liriope spp. (S)
MALVA Malva alcea
MATILJA POPPY Romneya coulteri
NEW ZEALAND FLAX Phormium spp. and cultivars
OREGANO Origanum spp.
PAMPAS GRASS Cortaderia selloana
PENSTEMON Penstemon spp.
PEONY Paeonia spp.
POKER PLANT Kniphofia spp.
POPPY Papaver spp.