mixed bulbs in containers

Planting and layering bulbs close together in a container can make for luscious, long-blooming display of color.

Here are some suggested combinations for three sizes of containers. Remember to check planting instructions for correct depth of bases of the bulbs (depth in a container is generally 1 inch deeper than if planted in the ground). Be sure to allow root space of 6” below the lowest layer of bulbs.

In pots less than 18 inches in depth, we suggest using early-blooming with mid-blooming bulb varieties or mid with late for best results.

When planting tulips, place the flat side of the bulb towards the outside rim of the pot. You can add winter through spring color (before the bulbs start to bloom) by over planting the bulbs with pansies, violas or primroses.

10” Pot

Qty.    Bulbs    Depth below soil
 5    Crocus    3”
 5    Mini-Iris    3”
 5    Single Early Tulips    5”
 5    Single Mid Tulips    5”
 (3 Pansies or Violas on top layer)

16” Pot

Qty.    Bulbs    Depth below soil
 10    Muscari    3”
 5    Single Early Tulips    5”
 5    Triumph Tulips    5”
 8    Early or Mid Daffodils    7”
(6 Pansies or Violas on top layer)


24” Pot or 1/2 Barrel

Qty.    Bulbs    Depth below soil
15    Muscari    3”
15    Crocus    3”
10    Midseason Tulips    5”
16    Early or Mid Daffodils    7”
(9 Pansies or Violas on top layer)