Potting Soil & Soil Amendments for the northwest gardener

Swansons is pleased to offer a variety of high quality potting soils and soil amendments (featuring G&B Organics® and E.B. Stone® products) suited to your preference and garden situation.

POTTING SOILS are specially formulated for containers, to enhance root development and provide excellent drainage. They generally should not be used to amend garden soil.

SOIL AMENDMENTS (such as COMPOST) add organic matter to your soil, which greatly improves the ability of soil to retain water and nutrients, and helps soil particles bind together to form structure, in which water, air and roots can move freely. It also feeds beneficial soil microbes and fungi which in turn break down and transport nutrients to the roots.

Sandy soils (gritty and loose with large particles) need extra organic matter to improve the ability to hold water and nutrients. In heavy clay soils (sticky when wet, powdery or chunky when dry), organic matter provides new air spaces for water to drain and roots to grow.

When adding amendments, work into existing soil as deeply as possible without disturbing existing roots. Never dig in soil that is saturated, as it will compact. 

TOP MULCHING (aka “top dressing”) Planting beds with a layer of compost (or bark, in some areas) significantly helps conserve moisture, suppress weeds and feed the soil. Please ask if you have any questions!

Choices of soils or amendments for specific garden projects

(Trees & Shrubs):
     • G&B Organics® Soil Building Conditioner
     • E.B. Stone® Planting Compost
     • G&B Organics® Premium Topsoil
     • G&B Organics® Harvest Supreme
     • G&B Organics® Soil Building Conditioner
     • E.B. Stone® Planting Compost
     • G&B Organics® Farmyard Blend (Manure Blend)
     • E.B. Stone® Earthworm Castings
     • G&B Organics® Soil Building Conditioner
     • E.B. Stone® Planting Compost
     • G&B Organics® Harvest Supreme
     • E.B. Stone® Planting Compost

(All Plants in Containers):
     • G&B Organics® Potting Soil
     • G&B Organics® Raised Bed & Potting Mix
     • E.B. Stone® Edna’s Best™ Potting Soil
     • Growers Best® Premium Soil

(Trees, Shrubs & Large Perennials):
     • G&B Organics® Soil Building Conditioner
     • E.B. Stone® Planting Compost
     • Swanson Wood Products® Bark Mulch
(Lawns - for overseeding):
     • G&B Organics® Soil Building Conditioner
     • G&B Organics® Premium Topsoil
(Lawns - for rejuvenating):
     • E.B. Stone® Earthworm Castings