Recipe for planting success

1. Dig your hole 1X as deep and 2X as wide as the root ball (pot diameter).

2. MIX compost or other amendments into the soil pile (up to 25% of total soil mix).

3. Gently PULL (or push) the root ball out of pot.

4. Gently LOOSEN or cut outer roots from the root ball if tightly packed or wound around. Try not to break apart the ball.

5. SET PLANT in the hole so top of root ball is slightly above ground surface.

6. Gently REFILL around roots with soil mix (& fertilizer).

7. MULCH planted zone. 

8. WATER the root ball and planted zone to ensure they are well saturated. Let dry a bit between future waterings. For best establishment, keep up watering for 2 years (March - October).