2018 Rose Sale

In honor of National Rose Month, and since they are in beautiful bloom, we are having a rose sale! Save 30% on all roses June 14th - June 17th. Find a list of many of our current varieties below, arranged by rose type.

Quantities vary depending on variety, so come in soon for the best selection!





Hybrid Tea Roses





Rosa 'Black Baccara' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Double Delight' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Fragrant Cloud' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Francis Meilland' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Just Joey' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Love and Peace' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Marilyn Monroe' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Midas Touch' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Neptune' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'New Zealand' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Olympiad' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Pope John Paul II' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Secret' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Tahitian Sunset' - Hybrid Tea

Rosa 'Touch of Class' - Hybrid Tea




Floribunda & Grandiflora Roses





Rosa 'Ebb Tide' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Europeana' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Hot Cocoa' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Iceberg' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Livin Easy' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Nicole' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Rosie the Riveter' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Sexy Rexy' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Tournament of Roses' - Floribunda

Rosa 'Dream Come True' - Grandiflora

Rosa 'Gold Medal' - Grandiflora





Climbing Roses





Rosa 'Don Juan' - Climbing

Rosa 'Joseph's Coat' - Climbing

Rosa 'Westerland' - Climbing

Rosa 'White Dawn' - Climbing





Shrub Roses





Rosa 'Apricot Drift' - Shrub

Rosa 'Bonica' - Shrub 

Rosa 'Coral Knock Out' - Shrub

Rosa Flower Carpet™ 'Coral' - Shrub

Rosa 'Hansa' - Shrub

Rosa 'Knock Out' - Shrub

Rosa 'Lemon Drift' - Shrub

Rosa 'Polar Express' - Shrub

Rosa 'Popcorn Drift' - Shrub

Rosa 'Purple Pavement' - Shrub

Rosa 'Rainbow Knockout' - Shrub

Rosa 'Red Drift' - Shrub

Rosa sericea pteracantha - Shrub

Rosa 'Sunny Knock Out' - Shrub