Water-Wise Groundcovers

“Water-wise” plants will thrive in their preferred soil and light conditions with minimal supplemental water after they have become established - usually after two years of consistent watering and fertilization. They are referred to as “low water use” or “drought-tolerant” (although very few plants can go without any water for a long time).

The first two growing seasons after planting are critical to insure that your plant develops a sufficiently large root system to withstand future drought conditions. With adequate care during this initial period, the plant should withstand minimal watering during our typical dry spells. For more detailed information about each groundcover, please refer to individual cultivar signs, or consult one Swanson’s nursery professionals. Also see “Water-Wise Gardening Tips.” 

BARREN WORT Epimedium spp. (S)
BISHOP'S WEED Aegopodium p. 'Variegata' (S)
CANDYTUFT Iberis sempervirens
CARPET BUGLE Ajuga spp. (S)
CEANOTHUS Ceanothus gloriosus, C. ‘Diamond Heights’
COTONEASTER Cotoneaster spp.
CREEPING THYME Thymus serphyllum cultivars
EUONYMOUS Euonymous fortunei cultivars (S)
HENS AND CHICKS Sempervivum tectorum (S)
HERNIARIA Herniaria glabra
JUNIPER Juniperus spp.
KINNICKINNICK Arctostaphylos uva-ursi cultivars
NEW ZEALAND BURR Acaena microphylla
PERIWINKLE Vinca minor cultivars (S)
SAND STRAWBERRY Fragaria chiloensis
SEDUM Sedum spp.
SMALL-LEAVED IVY Hedera spp. (S)
SUNROSE Helianthemum nummularium
TAIWAN RUBUS Rubus pentalobus

(S) denotes shade tolerant