Winter flowering jasmine

A profusion of pink buds opening to fragrant, milky white blooms — this lovely climber from southwest China can be grown on a hoop form or as a hanging basket plant. Usually available in bud or “bud and bloom,” these plants should be left in the pot you buy them in (i.e., not be transplanted) until they are finished flowering. Remember also, they perform best when somewhat rootbound. Fertilize your plant during the growing season (March through mid-October) with a balanced all purpose plant food.

Keep the soil moist, but never soggy and do not allow the plant to dry out completely. Humidity can be increased by using a humidity tray, or by placing the plant on a saucer filled with pebbles and water (to the top of the pebbles).

The plants require bright light and temperatures above 45ºF. Keep them indoors over winter. In winter, a window with a southern or western exposure is fine. In summer or fall, however, an eastern exposure or any area protected from full, direct sun will be best.

Blooms occur on new wood. Pruning after the first bloom cycle will help the plant stay full and lush-looking. Plants may bloom again in late summer, but should not be pruned after mid-summer. To induce flowering, this jasmine needs a winter nighttime temperature of 50-55ºF. Cuttings may be taken in the spring. Use a rooting hormone for the best chance at success.