photo of Travis Fullner What do you do at Swanson's? Provide customer service to all our wonderful guests. I focus on perennials but am capable in all our plant departments.

Tell us a little about your professional experience and interests: I've been at Swanson's for over 12 years and I learn something new each day that I work here. My curiosity takes me on wonderful "Historical Hikes" throughout the fabulous state.

What was your first plant? A French marigold. I love their cheery colors and their earthy smells. Brings back childhood memories of West Virginian Halloweens.

What is your favorite gardening resource (book, website, etc.)? Raintree catalog. One can only dream of growing all the unusual fruits and berries. Especially the Slavic varieties.

What is your favorite season? Autumn. The colors, the smells... Autumn livens up all your senses! And don't forget the jolly pumpkins.

What is your favorite Seattle-area greenspace/park/garden? Discovery Park. The name says it all. Always something there to capture your imagination or quiet your soul.

Where in the world would you most like to visit? Egypt. I'd love to stroll with my wife through the Cairo museum, tour the pyramids and visit the Valley of the Kings (Pharaohs). Just let me get my Indiana Jones hat and I'm ready to go!

What is your greatest extravagance? Ordering plate after plate of raw oysters at Elliott's Oyster Bar on the waterfront. My wife and I love oysters!

What is your favorite dish? Shrimp Alfredo, but pork chops with mushroom sauce, raisins and orange slices in rice is a close second.

If you were a beverage, what would you be? Iced Thai coffee. Cool, sweet with a mysterious smoky quality.

What is your most marked characteristic? Patience like Job. Old Testament, not Apple Computers.

Give us a quick gardening tip: Give it some time.

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