Just Hatched 2015: The Chicks Have Arrived

Greetings from the coop! Spring is here and so are the chicks! They were hatched on March 19th, so they are barely two and a half weeks old. They arrived at the very end of March and seem to be settling in just fine. They are beyond adorable.

We have four different breeds in our little flock this year and all four are known for egg laying and compatibility:

  • Dominique
  • Gold Wyandotte
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Silver Leghorn

As in previous years, Swansons is holding a contest to name the girls, so if you or your kids think that you have THE perfect chick name please stop by and fill out a ballot. The contest runs through April 12th and the winners will receive a $25 Swansons gift certificate!

The chickens will only be with us for eight weeks so the time to visit is now. They change SO quickly!

Stay tuned for further updates and pictures - and check out the chicks videos on Facebook.

Happy brooding!