Mom Rocks! Our Mother's Day Contest Winners (There Are Two)!

We received nearly 200 submissions for our Mom Rocks! Mother’s Day contest and we were incredibly moved by the stories people shared.

It reaffirmed our belief that moms are true heroes – and sometimes the little things they do are equally as important as the large sacrifices they make.

It was truly touching and we are so glad the majority of our participants agreed to share their submission with their nominee. We can’t wait for these special moms to hear how proud their children are of them!

One thing we know for sure – all the moms, grandmas, stepmoms and mother-in-laws who were nominated go above and beyond and have made a profound impact on their children, grandchildren and the community at large. Many have weathered adversity and all put their children and grandchildren first.

In fact, it was so hard to choose a winner that we decided to have two! That’s right, two lucky moms will each win a $1000 shopping spree here at Swansons.

We are excited to announce that the winners are Gail, nominated by her daughter Kate, and Laurie, nominated by her children Vivian, Miles, and Gus.

While we could only have two official winners, every entry we received was overflowing with descriptions of amazing moms. We believe that every mom nominated is deserving of such special treatment and they will all receive a little something from Swansons in the coming days.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and heartfelt stories with us. It was a privilege to read them.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous moms, grandmas, stepmoms and mother-in-laws out there and THANK YOU for all you do!