Just Hatched 2015: The Lettuce Is Always Greener…

Note: This blog is best when served at room temperature

Well, the girls seem to be happy and healthy, getting bigger every day. In fact, if I could write as quickly as they grow, I’d be a real Ernest Hemingway!

The chicks are experimenting with some new additions to their diet, and lettuce is on the top of the list. We’re not sure whether it’s the excitement of ripping it to shreds or the thrill of chasing whoever has some in their beak that is the most rewarding for the ladies.

After all, the best lettuce is lettuce that someone else is already eating! It’s definitely fun to watch.

Because the girls are getting bigger, we have opened up the loft for them. Now with three doors the chicken coop has become a chicken sedan. They don’t seem too interested in the loft, though. Lulu Jr. and Caramel Fluff have gone about halfway up the ramp but that’s it.

I realized that they will only go up the ramp to the same height as the top of their water bottle and food dish. I guess that’s as far as they have aspired to for now – sometimes even birds don’t know that the sky’s the limit!

It’s alright because we all know they will figure it out eventually. Until then, see you in the wood chips and happy brooding!