Just Hatched 2016: Ciao Chickens!

This installment of Just Hatched could be called "Gallus in Wonderland" because the ladies are going on a trip... 

(cue game show music)


Yes, Swansons is very pleased to announce that our intrepid little brood is headed to a happy place! The backyard of one of our staff members whose lovely family has agreed to provide a giving and nurturing climate for the ladies. While I'm sad to see them go, I know that bigger and better things await (laying eggs! Foraging for bugs!). 

Blueberry Bob, Saffron, Mishi, and Chicky Landon will now be in a much bigger and comfortable space and we'll receive updates as to how they are doing as they adjust to their new home.

Before we let them go, we had to treat them to one last treat: lettuce! 

Here's a little tribute to the chicks from their first days at Swansons to saying farewell. How much they've grown!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit the ladies while they were at Swansons. Until next time, see you in the wood chips and happy brooding!

Editor's Note: We've received word that the chickens are doing well and are living a life of luxury. Apparently, they have a new best friend who is hand feeding them worms as a special treat. If only we could all be so lucky!