Swansons' Favorites: Christmas Trees

Swansons carries a variety of beautiful Christmas trees, grown for us on local, family-run farms. Our trees range from short and squat to tall and narrow to fit any space. We all have our unique idea of what the "perfect" Christmas tree should look like and at Swansons, we truly enjoy helping our customers pick "the one" each year.

This holiday season, meet some of our Swansons team members and hear about their personal favorites! Enjoy!

Travis Fullner

Every year I purchase my cut Christmas Tree from Swansons. We have such a great selection of sturdy “mountain Christmas trees” - Noble Firs – they last throughout the holiday season and really hold their needles for a long time. I sometimes still have my tree up til February! The smell is fabulous and using a Davis stand really makes the whole process simple! I love our trees. 

Nick Goss

I always get my tree at Swansons because it is easy and convenient. I got a Noble Fir this year, which is the variety that is consistently my favorite. I love the blueish-green color and sturdy branches. I look for a tree that has moderate space between the branches for good ornament hanging. Even though I spend time helping sell cut trees, it is still nice to have someone else do all the work making a fresh cut and tying the tree onto my car for me.

Erich Nordstrom

I love Burton Blue Nobles and have had one each year for many years now. This year I decided to try the Nordmann fir and boy am I sold on it! It has a great scent and stiff branches for hanging my heavier ornaments. The long dark green needles give the branches a great weeping effect. The ease of viewing all sides of the trees at Swansons makes shopping for my tree even that more enjoyable. I wouldn’t buy one anywhere else!

Karen Strand

I bought my artificial tree years ago. It’s 6 feet tall, skinny and pre-lit with white lights. It’s easy to store and put up. I fluff out the branches, add a string of yellow lights and a string of red lights and decorate. Every year, it looks magnificent. I have it up for over a month and it never drops a needle or needs watering. If I miss the scent of a fresh tree, I just make a bouquet of mixed greens!

Brent Kauffman

I always buy my tree from Swansons. Not only is it more convenient having the staff do all the prep work for me, but I also like that I can shop somewhere warm and dry. The fact that the trees are suspended from the ceiling makes it very easy to choose the perfect one; all I have to do is give the tree a twirl to know if I like it.

I prefer Noble Firs because I think they have the perfect blend of classic beauty, fragrance, sturdiness of twigs, and needle retention. I’m also a big fan of the Davis stands we sell. After nearly a decade of selling trees to our customers and attaching every kind of tree stand you can imagine, I firmly believe the Davis stand is the best.

My tree this year has a ‘Glamping’ theme, full of woodland characters, marshmallow and s’more people, sparkly acorns, and pinecones.

Jackie Watts

My favorite tree we carry is an 6-7 ft. alpine Noble Fir. The alpine style has spaces between whorls of branches, great for hanging large ornaments. The needles and branches are stiff so my ornaments won’t sag and disappear. I also like the green color of the needles, a good contrast to warm white lights strung on the tree. Swansons is the best place to pick the perfect tree. Easy for customers to choose a tree and shop.

Monique & Drummond Reed

We have bought our Christmas trees from Swansons for 10 years now. The selection is great and hanging them from strings makes it very easy to see them from all sides. We usually get a Noble Fir, but sometimes we branch out to a Fraser Fir. The Swansons’ tree crew is wonderful – they zip that tree on our car roof and tie it on in record time. They rock! Swansons is part of our Christmas tradition and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

P.S. We have always brought both boys to pick the tree, as far back as to when they served hot cider and cookies. 

Denise Read

We bought two trees this year. One 5-6 ft. for inside. The branches are open and go all the way to the top, which is nice for the tiny ornaments. Tree No. 2 is for our deck. It’s a table-top Noble Fir and it’s very full. I’m going to put lights on it so I can see it when I’m working in the kitchen. Cheers! 

Charlo Wang

I chose a Fraser Fir. I love it for its multi-dimensional color – the shiny deep green contrasting with its white stomata under the needles. It appears to be frosted, naturally! I’m using it outdoors on a stump of a former ground fir with colored, LED lights at my entry. I love shopping for my tree at Swansons because it is so easy to see each individual tree and choose the “best” one. 

Aimée Damman

I chose a 6 ft. tall Burton Blue this year. In previous years, I've purchased Noble Firs from Swansons. Their strong branches were perfect for ornaments and the deep green needles offered a classic look. I've had my eye on the Burton Blue Noble for a couple years because of the lovely silver-blue needles and was excited to take one home this year. I love the personality it has! It definitely has a lot of character.

Alex LaVilla

I always get a 6’-7’ Noble Fir tree here and have been for the last 15 years. I like the way the particular supplier we have grows the Noble Firs. I can always seem to find one that is full and bushy but still layered enough to be able to take larger or longer ornaments. Picking out the tree is a very simple process because they are all displayed in a nice wind-free, dry location so I can feel I can take the time to look through them and not feel rushed. Then all I have to do is come in and have it loaded on my car because it is already prepped by being shaken to remove old needles, the base has a fresh cut, my stand is attached, and it is bundled together for ease of handling. Even as an employee, I am treated like one of our best customers. Can’t beat that.

Lena Curl

I love my 6 ft. Burton Blue from Swansons! The process to pick out the best tree was fun, quick, and super easy. I twirled a few trees around and ended up bringing a forest-edge silvery Burton Blue home. There were a lot of different shapes and styles to pick from, but I adore the bell-shape of the one I chose; the bottom branches swing out like she's dancing. 

Jared Dirks

This year my family came into Swansons to pick out a tree. We chose this beautiful 7-foot Noble Fir. We love the green needles and tight branch structure, perfect for hanging all kinds of ornaments. We got a tree here last year as well, but this year’s outshined all previous trees ever. Yes, the setup makes picking trees easy and fun. Truly a fun and magical shopping experience. 

Deb Quinones

We picked out a small (for us) tree this year, a 5-6 foot Burton Blue. I look for a tree with strong branches because I like to load on the ornaments and lights! (Bubble lights are a must) The perfect combination of fullness and space makes the forest edge my favorite density. We’ve been buying trees from Swansons for years, and are always wowed by how long they last. 

Katy Lockwood

I like Nordmann Firs. The needles are glossy and broad and not sharp. It has a classic Christmas tree shape and a nice smell. The needles are very dark green, too! 

What a variety! To each their own perfect tree. If you're still needing a tree for the holidays, our tree team can help you pick the perfect tree! Did you know you Swansons offers a social media tree reservation service?! It couldn't be easier to find "the one". 

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Swansons!