Gardeners know that plants love extra care when they first go in. Fall's mix of sun, rain, and warm soil provide that little extra



Why Plant in the Fall?

While the gardening bug usually bites most in the spring, as the long grey winter begins to release its hold on our region, plants actually find fall to be a great time to transition from container to ground. 

In the fall, the heat of summer has passed and watering requirements are lessened as mother nature lends a helping hand with the onset of rain. The ground is still warm, which allows roots to spread and establish itself. This is especially important for a successful transition from a container to the soil in your yard, better ensuring its health for years to come.

This recipe for planting success can help you when you transplant your new finds. Remember that regular watering the first few years of a new plant's life is still important to ensure optimal growth (even if the plant is "drought tolerant"). Learn more about effective watering here

Because we love fall planting, we bring in loads of new inventory every week during the month of September, especially for our
Fall Sale. So you can find exactly the right plant at a great price.

Fall Sale runs August 31-September 30, 2019, with 30% off all trees, shrubs, perennials, and 8" chrysanthemums. Plus, buy 3 bales of G&B Organics Soil-Building Conditioner and receive 1 free!

The success of a plant depends on the success of its roots, and the fall season is an under-appreciated root ally. A perfect mix of sun, water, and warm soil that is a secret sauce talented gardeners rely on.
— Alex LaVilla, Swansons' Perennial Plant Buyer


Fall foliage and spring color.

Swansons carries a vast selection of freshly-delivered plants during the fall. We work with our Pacific Northwest growers to choose the most beautiful and unique plants, many that aren't available year round. We are bringing in fresh plants throughout the fall and we're excited to share them with you! 

Now is also the time to choose your bulbs, which in most cases need to be planted before November for a spectacular burst of color next spring and beyond.

Take a look at some of our favorite plants for September.