Just Hatched with Cecil McLeod

Spring has arrived and so have the chickens! Please bring the whole family and help us welcome our feathery little friends to the neighborhood. We guarantee they will put a smile on your face! We have four chicks this year - two Black Star and two Barred Rock - all from Portage Bay Grange Feed & Mercantile right here in Seattle. In these pictures they are just 5 days old...


Once again, Swansons Nursery customers have the opportunity to name the chicks. Just fill a ballot card and place it in the box right next to the coop in our North greenhouse. Do these pictures give you any ideas?

They grow up so fast (as I’m sure many of you understand) so be sure to come see them often and follow my updates here to see how they change and grow from week to week. In fact, because Swansons wants to ensure their comfort and happiness, they will only be around for about 8 weeks this year. As soon as they are big enough, they will be adopted to a good home (with one of our employees) where they will be loved and tended to as laying hens. But don't worry, I'll be sure to keep tabs on them even after they leave, just like we have done with Buttercup and Coco, two of last year's chicks.

See you soon with another installment of Just Hatched,

Cecil M.