Just Hatched: the Weekly Update

Black Star chicks

Greetings from the coop! When these photos were taken, the girls were about to celebrate their two-week birthday. Can you believe that tomorrow they will already be three weeks old!

We have two kinds this year and it can be a little hard to tell them apart: the two with blond spots on their heads are the Barred Rock chicks and the all-black chicks are Black Star. Both breeds are known for being docile and productive. Sounds like the ultimate co-worker, right?

The chicks seem to be getting along great and are developing their own individual personalities. If you talk to them, they will turn their heads to make eye contact – you can almost see the wheels turning as they figure it out!

Speaking of individual personalities, they finally have names! We chose from 334 entries to pick four great names: Java (named by Violet), Juliet (named by Julia), Midnight (named by Sydney) and Flower (named by Brady). Thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the winners.

What do you think? Do their names fit them? Do you think you could tell them apart in person?

See you next week for another edition of Just Hatched (and maybe some new video, too).

- Cecil