Just Hatched: The Final Update

This week's blog is a case of both hello and goodbye. Juliet, Java and Midnight, our feathery and not-so-little-anymore friends, are soon off to greener pastures. Yes, bigger and better things await our little brood: they will be moving to their permanent home with their adoptive parents this Thursday.

I miss them already but it's time to let go at let them be their own chickens. It seems they were baby chicks just moments ago... Once again, I'm sure a lot of you can understand what I'm talking about.

Here's a little slide show of their "chickhood" (memories....)

As I mentioned before, they will soon be part of an egg-laying flock. They are eight weeks old now and will start laying in just a few more weeks, so moving them now will give them time to adapt and adjust to their new surroundings before the "big day" arrives.

Just as we suspected, they quickly overcame their fear of the loft and have even begun to roost up there, so they are well on their way to becoming productive, egg-laying members of society; nearly all grown up. I wonder who will be the first to lay an egg....

Be sure to come see them and say goodbye before they are gone! And keep an eye out, we'll be doing a follow-up post once they've settled in to their new home.

~ Cecil