The 'Marjie' Rose: A Grandfather's Tribute

The 'Marjie' rose is not only a Swanson's Nursery exclusive, it has special historical significance for us as well. It was originally discovered and then propagated by August S. Swanson right here at the nursery, and he named it after his granddaughter, Marjie. 

The rose is what is called a "sport" in horticultural circles:  a spontaneous plant mutation in which a new shoot displays different characteristics from the parent plant. In the case of 'Marjie', it is a sport of the favorite heirloom rose 'Cecile Brunner', also called "the sweetheart rose".

'Marjie' is truly exceptional, combining the most sought-after qualities of heirloom and modern roses: long-blooming (from late spring to early fall) and hardy, with charming porcelain pink blossoms and an intense, "old rose" fragrance. It has a nice compact habit, growing only 3-4 feet high and wide. This makes it the perfect rose for the garden or for a container.

Swanson's grows only a limited number of 'Marjie' starts each year and makes them available to our customers. With its history of a grandfather's love for his granddaughter, it may just be the perfect Father's/Grandfather's day gift!