Adopted Chickens Update!

Hello again, it’s me Aaron, the Swansons’ chicken guy.  Recently, I gave an update on how this year's chicks are doing. And now, I want to fill you in on my family’s chickens from the 2016 season!

In May of 2016, I took home our lovely ladies from Swansons. With the help of my awesome neighbor, I rebuilt a coop and moved them in. I can’t say enough about what a great experience it has been for us all! We have three great chickens. Blueberry Bob (Blue Hamberg breed), Mishi (Barred Rock breed), and Chicky Landon (Barnavelder breed). They layed their first eggs in August of 2016 and wow was that fun! We love fresh eggs and get 10-14 a week.

Photo Jun 10, 7 57 29 PM.jpg

It has been really rewarding raising chickens, especially for our two kids. Our three year old finds slugs and worms for them, and our six year old has figured out how to gently pick them up and hold them. They follow us everywhere and we really love them!

Photo Nov 11, 12 59 06 PM.jpg

I can’t say enough about how much we are always learning about chickens and how much they add to our family. Watching them becomes hypnotic. Seeing them return to their coop at the same time each night is amazing, and noticing each personality is really fun. I think we now can even speak chicken. ;)

Chickens are the best pets and we plan on adding to our flock next year!

Thanks for visiting our girls every year and see you next season!