Just Hatched 2016: The Chicks Have Names

The following is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the chickens. That's right! Swansons is proud to announce that our girls have been named. And the envelope please...

The White Plymouth Rock is Saffron
The Barnevelder is Chicky Landon
The Barred Rock is Mishi
The Blue Hamburg is Blueberry Bob

Thank you for all of the great submissions and congratulations to the drawing winners!

Back on the ranch, the chicks have been growing like weeds (chickweeds?)! Saffron is five weeks old and the others are four weeks old. Seeing them at that age really takes me back. 

Anyways, it's really interesting to watch their individual personalities develop. As the oldest, Saffron has been the most vocal. Chicky Landon, the smallest, seems to be eating a little more than the others.

Blueberry Bob has become somewhat of an ambassador for the group, usually greeting visitors at the gate. Mishi is very reliable as well, and just recently reached a milestone for the brood: first one to get to the top of the food dish! That's almost a whole foot! The big time.

It's no surprise though, seeing as they've all become very curious as to what is happening above them. Because of that and their growth, we'll be opening up another section of the coop to give the girls some more room to move around freely.

Next week's installment will be live from beyond the cardboard wall! Until then, see you in the woodchips and happy brooding!