5 Top Tomatoes

We love trying out new tomato varieties, but we also have our favorites that we grow year after year. Here are a few of our top tomatoes for 2016 and beyond.

Remember - tomato availability changes quickly, so some varieties listed may not be available. We can always offer substitution suggestions!

Best Cherry Tomato



Indeterminate.* 65 days.

You can't go wrong with this sweet and juicy cherry tomato. The prolific plants pump out bright orange tomatoes with a delicious fruity flavor consistently throughout the season!

Best Green Tomato


'Aunt Ruby's Green'

Indeterminate. 85 days.

A one-of-a-kind tomato with large green fruit and outstanding flavor! This heirloom variety makes a great salsa verde or fried green tomatoes.

Best Red Slicer

Cosmonaut Volkov.jpg

'Moskovich' or 'Cosmonaut Volkov' (sorry, out of stock!)  

Moskovich: Indeterminate. 60 days.
Cosmonaut: Indeterminate. 65 days.

These heirloom tomatoes come from Russia and the Ukraine and both grow well in our Pacific Northwest climate. Bright red tomatoes are perfect for slicing.

Best Tomato For a Hanging Basket or Small Container

Red Currant.jpg

'TUMBLER' or 'Red Currant' (sorry, out of stock!)  

Currant: Indeterminate. 70 days.
Tumbler: Determinate.* 50 days.

Compact plants with small, red tomatoes that are big on flavor. Kids love them!

Best Tomato for Making Sauce

Viva Italia.jpg

'UKRAINIAN PURPLE' or 'Viva Italia' (sorry, out of stock!)  

Ukranian: Indeterminate. 70-75 days
Viva: Determinate. 80-90 days.

This is the classic Italian sauce type with a pear shape, low juice content and an outstanding flavor. Disease resistant and a great producer.


Want to see more? Browse our 2016 list of tomatoes! Note: not all varieties will be available throughout the season. Ask us and we can suggest great substitutions!



Indeterminate: These varieties keep growing vines and producing fruit all season long until frost kills them. They are generally larger and need to be staked or put in cages but can be grown in containers or in the ground.

Determinate: These varieties grow to a compact height and then produce fruits which ripen at nearly the same time, and are great choices for canning or freezing. Plants are typically smaller and bushier, and often do not require staking.